Makeup Geek Gel Liner - Rave



All About This Color:
Get ready to receive Rave reviews when this metallic gold lines your eyes. This rich, creamy texture is perfect for the lining the inside and outside of the eye. It applies flawlessly to create perfect lines every time. This extraordinary color dries to a water-resistant, smudge-proof finish for a look that will last all day.

The Bottom Line:
A dark metallic golden brown shade with a smooth shimmery finish.

About Makeup Geek Gel Eyeliners:
Get the same precision as a liquid liner with our easily applied gel based liner. The eyeliners glide on with ease and dry to a water-resistant, smudge-proof finish that won’t fade or crease. With their intense color and rich pigmentation, these long lasting liners are sure to make a standing impression.
- Glides on smoothly
- Creates precise lines
- Rich pigmentation
- Water-resistant
- Smudge-proof
- Half the price of other expensive brands without sacrificing quality
- Gel liner weight is 3G / 0.1 oz
- All our gel liners are cruelty-free -- we do not test our products on animals
- See Full Ingredient Listing
- We ship worldwide at affordable rates

Customer Reviews

  • Gorgeous color!

    Review by Dimana on October 31, 2014

    There's no way not to love this one, because it's such a versatile color. And the formula is absolutely amazing. There's nothing bad to say about it, apart from the fact that it has parabens in it, which is not nice.
    Other than that it stays put, very easy to work with and I recommend it :)
  • Another odd but perfect color

    Review by Victoria on December 17, 2013

    It's kind of a brownish, goldish gunmetal. It's really unique, and I absolutely LOVE it! It looks great as an accent on the lower lashline with practically any color combo on the lid. It applies smooth, color is buildable and this stuff does NOT budge once it dries!! Makeup remover barely gets this stuff off. If ALL MUG liners are this good, I'll buy every last one - in doubles!
  • Wow!

    Review by Miki on September 6, 2013

    Most "normal" brown eyeliners make my eyes look red and sore :(
    This colour is a beautiful taupe gold brown and is amazing. A lovely soft look for daytime. I'm a NW15-20 with blue eyes and this colour is just so flattering. Once again another hit Marlena, thank you.
  • Bad batch?

    Review by Desiree' on July 25, 2013

    This was the only gel liner I purchase, and I'm a bit disappointed.. the first time I wore it I used it as a basic liner (over my lash line) and it smudged off right away and transferred to my upper lid. But maybe that's because I have hooded eyes? So the next day I tried wearing it in my water line... no better, it smudged away with in minutes. It's such a beautiful color! And I was so excited to get it. I will keep trying to use it though.. maybe it will work as a base or something.
  • Pretty/amazing liner, color not what I expected

    Review by Tygerlilee on December 13, 2012

    Makeup Geek eyeliners are by far my favorite product they make. So long lasting they are like permanent marker, even hard to get off the makeup brush. Smooth, extremely pigmented. My only complaint about the formula is that it's not smudgable at all. You have to be very careful where you put it because it's not moving without major makeup remover. Generally I don't need a gel liner to smudge too much, but just a little for clean up the line would be nice.
    The color was not what I was expecting. It is a gunmetal grey tinged with brown only slightly. I was expecting there to be a lot more brown in it, or even a little gold (I saw no gold in it at all). It's very pretty and I was thinking of ordering rave and twinkle both because I wanted a grey and a brown. Now I'm glad I only got rave because they would have been so similar. There is a lot of shimmer in the formula and it really shows up which is so pretty.
    If they did another color similar to this one but more brown/taupe/gold that would be gorgeous, and I'd get it!
  • Wedding Day Success

    Review by Tracey on October 22, 2012

    I just got married on October 13th and I was totally stressed out about my eye liner. The outside corner of my right eye always tears and destroys any eye liner I use. I was determined to not let this happen. I have tested all kinds of eye liners from Wet-N-Wild to MAC to Urban Decay, gel, pencil and liquid with zero luck. So I purchased some MUG eyeliners the a week or so before.

    After careful skin preparation and crossed fingers I made a last minute decision to use the color Rave since it wasn’t as harsh as using a black liner. I was finished applying my make up around noon and didn’t remove it until about 10 that night. After a full day of dancing and some crying (happy tears because my grandfather beat lung cancer and made it to my wedding) this eye liner was STILL ON! It looked as good as it did when I applied it. I did not use model in a bottle or anything like that either because it breaks me out so it didn't have any help. Best eye liner EVER!
  • Unique

    Review by Ana on October 22, 2012

    I don't know what to say about this liner, it's a very unique color that you may not find by other brands.. but its not flattering, it has so many different color properties that finding a good color combo is limited to darker shadows unless use it with a very nudish eye and blend
  • Vintage Gold!

    Review by Devon on September 20, 2012

    Beautiful vintage gold creamy liner
  • My favorite one!

    Review by Debbie on September 16, 2012

    I bought 7 of these and this is by far the most complex color. It is gray, taupe, gold and even a hint of green in there! Lots of depth. I used it as an eyeshadow. Very blendable and not patchy at all. I did hand swatches and they didn't budge all day and I had to scrub even with Bioderma makeup remover to get them off. The only weird thing is that I did line my eyes with Immortal (black one) and I must have oily lids since I had a non-budgeable transfer line. Well, at least it didn't move! :) I also have hooded eyes so maybe that doesn't help. But get this color if you can't get any other!!!!!!!!! OMG, rocker look!
  • I Didn't Even Need Eyeshadow!

    Review by Leslie on September 13, 2012

    I really put this on thinking I would use it as a base for a smokey eye. However, once I got this color on and blended it out I realized I didn't need one. I used this color and Immortal along with Purely Naked and Shimma Shimma to create a classic smokey eye and was curious to see how long this lasted. Was I impressed! This lasted all day and my husband even commented on my makeup.
  • I would buy again. Love it.

    Review by Melissa on September 5, 2012

    This color is amazing. I wore it with a neutral brown and gave an extra pop of sparkle. My only complaint is it was really hard to wash off. I would reccomend this color to anyone. I also bought fame and amythest but have not tried them yet.

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