Makeup Geek Brush - Crease Brush

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Hopefully, the Crease Brush will return in mid November

Created specifically for your crease this brush is the ideal size to fit the natural crease contour of your eye. Perfect for applying shadow in windshield wiper motions along your crease to create a soft diffused look, blending out any harsh lines, and subtly adding definition to the eye. The synthetic (cruelty free!) fibers on this brush are densely packed making it ideal for picking up a lot of product in just one swipe! This multi-talented brush is a must have for your everyday makeup collection.

Our new design features a bronze gunmetal ferrule, and an espresso tinted handle with a beautiful pearl finish for a sleek and elegant look. The bristles include all synthetic fibers for a cruelty free (& guilt free) makeup application!


  • Brush Bristles: Synthetic (cruelty free)

  • Seamless Ferrule: Tightly holds bristles in place to eliminate shedding

  • Brush Handle Colors: Gunmetal bronze, espresso w/pearl finish

  • Estimated Brush Length : 6.5”

Customer Reviews

  • love it!

    Review by Jessica on September 23, 2014

    Can't say anything bad about this brush. It is one of my most used out of the six I own from MUG. You can't go wrong buying it; everyone needs a brush like this. Makes deepening your crease super easy and blends out small areas very well for a smokey effect.
  • Could not live without!

    Review by S on September 5, 2014

    This is my favorite brush some days this is the only brush I use for my whole eye look. I use it every time I do my makeup without fail. It is amazing quality I've washed it countless times and it still maintains its shape. The bristles are soft yet defined. I use this for the crease, and to deposite color to my lids.
  • Not what I expected

    Review by Linda on March 6, 2014

    This is the fifth MUG eye brush I have. I really enjoy the other four, but this one I'm having a little bit of a problem with. It's a smaller crease brush than one might expect, which would be nice for those with smaller eyes like myself. You could theoretically apply or blend crease color, apply outer v color, or highlight the browbone based on the bristle size. However, the problem is my brush is stiff and a bit scratchy on the eye. Again, I really like the dimension of the bristles but expected the brush to be softer so I could apply color to or blend out the crease. Maybe I just got a bad brush or maybe the soft dome brush would've been a better choice. I will rewash and this time condition the brush to see if that helps. If it does, I will update.
  • Awesome brush!

    Review by cecilia on January 19, 2014

    I have some MAC brushes but this MUG became my favorite! Easy to use, perfect for blending even dark colors, it's an every day must-use! Love it!
  • Wonderful Brush

    Review by Karen on December 16, 2013

    I received this brush today in the mail and I'm very glad that I ordered it. These brushes are very good quality, and a very reasonable price. I would recommend these brushes to anyone wanting a quality brush without the high price tag.
  • So wonderful!

    Review by Gina on August 26, 2013

    I can't live without this brush now. I ordered one and used it and had to order a second one. The price is phenomenal and the quality of the brush is unbeatable. It cleans like a dream too. I will order more!
  • Must have!

    Review by Veronica on August 7, 2013

    I absolutely love this brush! It's much smaller then I expected and I'm so glad it is. It's soft yet stiff and blend out hash edges like a dream. It puts color so good in the crease too. A absolute must have in my collection
  • blends like a dream!!

    Review by Rhonz on July 4, 2013

    I never thought I will find something that I would love other than my Mac 217 brush! after loving that brush for many years I discover this brush and noticed my self I've been reaching this more than my Mac 217, it is perfect for my small crease and blends like a dream, even on my clients with big eyelids it's still awesome to use! it's incredibly soft one time all my MUG Crease Brushes are dirty and I haven't used my MAC 217 in a while, I used it again and I felt like it's poking my eyelids! that's how soft this brush! that it made my 217 feels like a wire brush LOL! cleaning and drying this as well is so easy! give this brush a shot and you won't regret it! Thank you MUG team and for that I ordered another 2 MUG Crease Brush.
  • Can't live without it

    Review by Taylor on May 3, 2013

    I LOVE LOVE this brush. It is great at picking up color and sweeping it along the crease. It has great distribution on the eye and is easy to handle. And SOOO soft! Don't think about maybe buying it - buy it!

    Review by DIANE on April 16, 2013

    ... a brush that helps me blend just like Marlena! Ok, ok, maybe not exactly like Marlena but this brush has def helped me improve my blending technique! Love it!!! First time order was 4/10 got my shipment 4/13. There was an error but the staff was MORE THAN loveable and wonderful to tend to my error and offer a great. I'm 4ever a MUGGIE! Now if we can just get you into ULTA, life would be perfect!
  • 5 out of 5

    Review by AngelKaye on April 9, 2013

    This is a late review. I ordered this in Dec 28 2011.

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this brush! Perfect indeed for blending in the crease, and since I love getting a defined smokey eye (if that makes sense at all), I prefer using this brush for blending in the outer corner of my eyes, too. Soft tips, but stiff enough to hold the eyeshadow. Gives marvelous control, absolutely no fallout, or shedding! I just may need to buy another one or two!
  • Perfect for Asian eyes!

    Review by Brittany on March 27, 2013

    First let me start by saying, the shipment of these was very fast! I'd say a maybe a week total from the time I ordered until the time I received them. They were packaged nicely with peanuts and in their own plastic wrapping. I ordered two of them and was pretty skeptical about them replacing my MAC 217, like so many had said it would on here. Well, let me tell you....I've found my new holy grail brush. It's beyond perfect for getting the color placed right where I want it on my Asian eyes but it's still fluffy enough to get a great even blend! While I still love my 217 for blending a larger area, I find myself ALWAYS using this through my crease! It is a GREAT,GREAT buy.
  • Love this and getting another.

    Review by Joy on March 25, 2013

    I just love this brush. I've tried several MUG brushes, and this one is the winner by far. I'm 40, and my eyelids are sensitive. Stiff brushes just irritate my eyelids. This brush is absolutely the perfect size and softness. It is great with all of my eye shadows.
  • Love it!

    Review by Janni on March 14, 2013

    This is my favorite crease brush. I just put 2 more into my shopping cart ;-) One as a gift for my mom and another one for myself as a backup. I love it!!!!!!
  • Excellent

    Review by Leticia on March 10, 2013

    Very soft and easy to use. Great for blending. Love it.

    Review by Eve on February 5, 2013

    Thank you Marlena and the MUG team! This brush is by far my favorite one! I use your soft dome brush for feathering out my under the eyes concealer and since its always kind of dirty I needed a brush for blending my shadows etc. WOW! Did you guys deliver or what??? The crease brush is a bit stiffer than the soft dome but it works wonders for my crease! Luv luv luv it! I am never going back to using any other kind of make up brushes...I am a true MUGGIE for life! THANK YOU!!!! LOVE YOU!!!
  • Great brush!

    Review by Annie on December 30, 2012

    I got this for Christmas and this is a great brush.It works amazing and it blends colors nicely. I might have to order a backup, I love it so much.
  • Give this brush a shot!

    Review by Queentutt on December 6, 2012

    You will not be disappointed. For the money, this brush can stand up against Mac, Sigma, etc. in quality and performance. I will be buying several more. Love it.
  • Must-have for every makeup geek!

    Review by Marion on November 28, 2012

    My absolute favorite eye brush, hands down. I just wish I had ordered more when I first got it! The bristles are the perfect combination of stiff and soft, so it not only picks up color but blends it perfectly. I suggest everyone have at least one in their brush set. Since I plan on using it for a variety of products (gel liners, concealer, spare for makeup bag) I'm ordering a few more. It's that good! Especially at a price that can't be beat.
  • I LOVE YOU MUG.....!!

    Review by pallavi on November 3, 2012

    i just love you guys...u made gr8 products at unbelivable price ...dis brush is awesome n works like a magic wand on eyes...i cant afford MAC brushes ...but MUG brushes best in every aspect...keep making such gr8 products ...thnks...!!!
  • Great blending brush...

    Review by Judith on September 25, 2012

    Used it for at least 6 months.. no shedding whatsover ... just ordered a backup.. the right amount of stiffness and stiffness, and blends/cleans up lines perfectly....
  • Good brush - but shipping pkging needs work!

    Review by Teresa on September 19, 2012

    I can't seem to get enough crease/blending brushes and this is a decently good one, especially for the price. Much smaller than 217 so its good for my smaller asian eyes.

    However what almost ruined this brush for me was when it arrived the bubble wrap had been taped in a way that the bristles were taped down and curved OVER the side of the brush so that when i unwrapped it it was like a boomerang shaped and it took me about 4 washes and reshaping w/ my fingers for it to stand up and look like a normal shaped brush (and a couple bristles had fallen out from the extreme reshaping i had to do!!). Hopefully they will be more careful with this in the future!

    ** Comment from Customer Service: We are terribly sorry about the issue with the packaging -- we will pass your notes onto the crew and if you have any issues, please let us know **

    Review by Ana on September 19, 2012

    I bought this brush when i first started my makeup collection, and couldnt afford the MAC 217. And let me tell you,this brush is WAY WAY WAY better !! I LOVE IT! This brush is perfect for all eye shapes and its sooooo soft and dense. It allows you blend with ease!
  • Loveeee

    Review by Megan on September 5, 2012

    I absolutely love this brush!!! It is similar to the MAC 217 brush which is my favorite MAC brush but this MUG one is actually a better size! I have normal-big eyes & sometimes I feel the 217 is almost too big. This one is more precise. It is so soft too! It feels great and blends color in the crease with ease! I will be purchasing another and I have recommended MUG brushes to all my fellow makeup artist friends:) thank you!!!
  • very good !

    Review by florence on August 28, 2012

    perfect size, good quality !
    verry happy
  • Great brush

    Review by Diana on August 16, 2012

    Im very happy with this brush and I'm even happier about the price!
  • Really Love Love Love this brush

    Review by Leni Lestari on June 13, 2012

    1st I just b patient waited for 4 weeks since i purchased it wth Lowest shipping rate.
    This Is my 1st brush that i purchased on your MUG website .and Once I received,this Crease Brush really amazed me.really good quality.

    And i just purchased another 8 Brushes and other stuff as well.
    Can't wait to receive....

    Every1 must have brush MUG Crease brush
  • great brush

    Review by Jajali on June 5, 2012

    I love this brush! Its not too big, not too small... just perfect size... bristle is soft but still does its job. Everything seems easy now with this brush..

    A must have!
  • Can't believe its only $5!

    Review by jennifer on June 5, 2012

    Wonderful brush, makes blending so easy. I use it every day and have had no shedding. Its also super soft.
  • Absolutely love this brush!!

    Review by Maggie on June 4, 2012

    This brush is amazing! I used my MAC 217 everyday and since I got this brush it's totally taken it's place. It would work great on every eye shape and is slightly smaller so that it fits perfectly in the crease and is soft and applys the exact amount of color where I want it everytime! I would most definitely reccomend this brush and the best part is that it costs 1/4 of what my MAC brush costs :)
  • Holy Grail

    Review by Rocio on May 27, 2012

    I absolutely love this brush! It's perfect for me as most blending/crease brushes are too big for me and I like woking in detail, so the size of this is ideal. I like it so much I have three already, and I'm considering a fourth! The only con I found is all three of them have a slightly different shape: one is pointier and another one is wider/fluffier, but it's barely noticeable at all. I like to use the fluffier one to blend my concealer.
    Highly recommended!
  • Awesome!!

    Review by Megan on April 30, 2012

    I've only used it twice and I can safely say I love it. So soft and the perfect size for my slightly hooded eye. It blended out my crease beautifully. I will definitely be trying more MUG brushes!
  • Good Brush

    Review by Fariah on March 10, 2012

    This was the first item i bought at MUG. It's a great brush for picking up colour. I do find that after washing the brush, it feels dryer and stiffer and then starts hurting my eyes as i apply make up. I figured out a fix, though: conditioner (the one that i use on my hair). Just make sure you rinse it out.
  • amazing

    Review by mel on February 15, 2012

    this is the best brush i have for helping any harsh lines that i have when im ding a smoky eye this brush is amazing
  • Amazing brush

    Review by Wendy on February 14, 2012

    I have this brush for a couple of weeks now and I'm very pleased with it. It is soft and dense and it easily picks up a lot of product. Such a great brush to work with, especialy for blending.
    I certainly plan on getting a couple more of these in the future.
  • Love it!

    Review by Diana on January 19, 2012

    I've always used MAC and Chanel brushes. That is up until I purchased this brush. I'm most def going to order more.
  • Best brush

    Review by Maria on January 10, 2012

    I started to get into blending eyeshadows last year and began with MAC brushes. They are fine, but I always had issues blending. This brush is the best by far and I haven't picked up my MAC brush since (217). I am ordering a bunch more so it's easier when applying different colors at one sitting. You will love this brush and it is very substantial and full and I do not have a lot of eye space, and this fits the bill perfectly.
  • A must have... similar to MAC

    Review by Anne on January 6, 2012

    This brush is simply "amazing" for blending colours and if you follow Marlena's tutorial ... you learn to use correctly the right brush to apply your eyeshadow perfectly.

    This brush is a "Must Have"...
    I have order 3 or 4 of them and have the MAC one similar... No difference in quality.. just a nice price with MUG... Fantastic...
  • Fabulous

    Review by QueenJ on January 3, 2012

    I loveeee this brush. It is perfect for blending out the crease. I love it more than my MAC special edition one.
  • You have to buy it!

    Review by Jessicasophia on December 15, 2011

    I bought 5 brushes and i have to say they are Heavenly AMAZING! There SO soft and very sleek. There the better then some of my mac brushes.. This is a must have brush for me. So go get you one.
  • Wonderful

    Review by Donna on December 7, 2011

    I never leave reviews. However, this brush is very worthy of mine. I recently had my eyes done and now a lot of my brushes are too large, including my MAC 217. For me this brush is a perfect fit. Quality is exceptional for the price too. I ordered extras but will be ordering more in case they are no longer carried.
  • Perfect size

    Review by Megz on November 21, 2011

    I haven't used this brush too much yet, but the size is perfect for my eye size and is very soft... I use a combo of this brush, my Sephora crease brush (mainly for highlighting), my NYX stiff dome brush and the MUG outer V brush... Depends on the look!
  • Luv it!!

    Review by Nadya on November 13, 2011

    This is my first time buying from makeup geek. The postage wz very fast. I just got this brush for 2days now and i really love it!! 2 Thumbs up for makeup geek!! It really suits my Asian eyes..
  • Loving it!

    Review by Julie on November 10, 2011

    This brush rocks -- especially for the price. Picks up color like a dream and and is great for blending. I'll be getting more of these.
  • Ash

    Review by Ash on November 9, 2011

    I got this brush and not very impressed by it I'd stick to mac.
  • Keep 'em coming!

    Review by Colormama on October 18, 2011

    I just got this brush and it's very nice- for the price I'm very impressed with the quality and I will definately be ordering other MUG brushes :)

    Review by Make up Junkie on September 23, 2011

    i just got this brush and i love works great...i've always used MAC 217 and i thought that was a good brush but could never master the crease the way i can with this brush.. and for this price you can't go wrong. i'm ordering another one.
  • Perfect!

    Review by Jessica (swiftydancer3) on September 19, 2011

    OMG. I love this brush!! It's great for the crease because it applies just the right amount of color. You need little or no blending once you use this brush - It's amazing! Other uses I love for it is: Applying cream bases (MAC Painterly *cough cough*) , blending out at the browbone, applying highlight color, and applying concealer around the nose. (I don't like using it under the eyes as it is stiff) For under $5 you can't go wrong. It picks up just the right amount of color for that perfect daytime smokey eye!
  • This brush rocks!!

    Review by eyeshadow fanatic on September 15, 2011

    I have been using this brush for almost a month now and I absolutely love it. I bought the stiff dome brush too, and find myself ALWAYS reaching for this one instead. It is great for defining crease and blending. I am ordering another on today!!!!!
  • Fantastic brush!!!!!!

    Review by Themama9906 on May 26, 2011

    Just got this brush and it works so amazingly well! I'm impressed so much that Im getting another one!!! Perfect in the crease, it picks up color like nobody's business!!
  • Amazing!

    Review by Rockstarr on May 9, 2011

    I love this brush. I've never wanted to spend the money on the MAC 217 brush that Marlena always talks about so for my small eyes, this brush definitely does the trick. I've finally mastered the "outer V!"

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