The Best Drugstore Concealer


Hello beautiful makeup geeks!  I discovered an amazing drugstore concealer that works great in not only hiding redness on my skin, but highlighting my under eye bags!  I wanted to share my thoughts on the Maybelline Fit Concealer :)


  • Amazing price –  $6
  • Great coverage especially for being a liquid concealer
  • Blends easily into the skin
  • Comes in 6 shades


  • It has a slight smell
  • Could have a wider range of colors (especially for darker skin)
On days when I don’t wear a full face of foundation, this concealer hides the redness around my nose and even hides my under eye circles.  The formula is super creamy, blends well into the skin, and doesn’t cake up at all- even without powder.
It comes in 6 different colors- the only con is the darkest shade isn’t all that dark.  I love how it only costs $6!  I’ve been using mine everyday for almost 2 months and still have tons left.   There is a slight smell (sort of like chemical), but I only notice it when I stick my nose up in the bottle.


  • Product:   5
  • Packaging:  5
  • Quality:  5
  • Price:  5
  • Would I Buy Again:  Yes!
Where to Buy:    Amazon  .  Most Drugstores

This is the most excited I’ve been about a concealer in a long time!  Big thumbs up to Maybelline for creating a fantastic concealer especially for an affordable price.   I have no complaints about this at all- I’m actually headed to Target tonight to get a couple extra colors :)

Have a great weekend!



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I’m going to try this today. I am always looking for a concealer that I can reapply at work without looking like I have a couple of layers of makeup on. This sounds great. Thanks for letting us know about this. I have also used the French highlighter (I can’t spell in French) It was fine for smoothing things out during the day but was really not very helpful as a concealer for me. I hope this Maybeline product comes in a shade that will work for me.

Great review thanks Marlena and your makeup is superb. I wanted to ask when you did this video and reapplied the concealer under your eyes etc, did you have powder over your makeup? I assume not as it would get cakey… Interested to know as it blended into your skin easily and very nicely. Thanks again, great review which we all get to benefit from.

I too use a high end concealer…Maracuja by Tarte. This never creases on me and stays all day with great coverage. Would this do as good as the Tarte one?

Both the concealer and the foundation is awesome – I am super pale and have a big problem finding bases that work for me and THESE DO!! I also have really dry/sensitive skin and they never give me any problems.

They cover without looking like I put on a mask – think it is great that you like them too :)


Please tell me what color is your skin undertones. I’m pale with yellow undertones and I have the hardest time finding anything that is a good match. Plus prolly like you I cannot find a decent concealer to hide my undereye circles without looking cakey and even more mismatched. Any suggestions?

“There is a slight smell (sort of like chemical), but I only notice it when I stick my nose up in the bottle.”

That made me giggle.

No huffing now, Muggies.


Hi Marlena,

What foundation are you using? It may sound funny but I don’t think that I can find the color of my skin anywhere..:) I know you have said that we should blend colors to match the skin color, however I really don’t know where to start. Where should I try the foundation first? On my wrist, the back of my hand? Where is closer to the same color of the face?
Thanks a lot,

Hi Marlena,

I just created a new account here, just to ask you if you could please share what eye makeup you are wearing in this video? It looks great!! Is it one of the tutorials that you have already done, because if it is I really can’t make out which one. Please share…thanks!

does it stay all the day? cuz I used high end concealer brand Benefits BOOing. it did stay half the day but faded away later end the day. I tried many products and didnt turn out well on me. I had redness, few blemish plus eye bags. will it works better?

Update; I bought this concealer after this review and its so much better than any others I have tried its not funny! Thank you so much Marlena as I was desperate for a really good concealer and thought I would need to spend a tonne to get a good one. This is so good, covers so well and doesn’t cake up at all, even for touch ups on top of powder! Going back to get more just so I know they’re there! Highly recommend this product,

Marlena, what do you think about the foundation? What colors/numbers do you recommend for very pale yellow undertone skin? Usually I have to buy the “translucent” color because the others are too pinkish. I used to like Maybelline until they switched their formulas and colors. The Maybelline Wonder Finish in Light 2 perfectly matched my pale and dry skin. Any other suggestions?

Will this concealer work if I use Bare Minerals foundation? I need a concealer for my dark undereye circles, and I’m concerned about the two consistencies being compatible.


liked the whole look……v v goood….the hair natural color

liked this concealer :)))

marlena with a darker skin the problem of black circles will be biggerrrr….
so i shoud avoid tan concealers???? cz am nt black but have a darker skin
or i should choose the right combinaison between foundation and concealer

hey ms. marlena! :) thanks for the tutorial, I have been using the liquid one in a squeezie tube from mac lately—I’m about out, perfect timing!

I always love to know what you have on your eyes when you post a tutorial (if it’s un-eyeshadow related:)

any interested in posting that?

I just ordered like my 17th mug eye shadow tonight and I bought 3 lipsticks. love you love your things!!:)

take care,

elle :)