Massive Makeup Haul & Review


Hello Makeup Geeks! It’s been a while since I have done a haul video for you all and I wanted to share some things that I have found recently. I have been so busy that I realized its been a while since I just had fun with makeup. Other than purchasing the holiday palettes, I haven’t had the chance to go see what new goodies are in the stores and what looks fun to try. So, after a fun day of shopping and getting excited about so many new items that are on the market, I have a lot of things I can’t wait to share with you!

Lorac Pro Palette

I really have to thank you all for cluing me in on this. Many of you ask why I didn’t include this one in my holiday palettes and to be honest, I didn’t even see it until you all told me. THANK YOU!! This palette is amazing! This has 16 shades to choose from, eight on the top are matte finish and the bottom eight are shimmer or metallic finishes. They are creamy, very smooth and highly pigmented as well. Top row matte colors: White, Cream, Taupe, Light Pink, Mauve, Sable, Espresso, Black; Bottom row: Nude (Shimmer), Champagne (Sparkle), Gold (Shimmer), Lt. Bronze (Shimmer), Pewter (Shimmer), Garnet (Shimmer), Deep Purple (Shimmer), Slate (Shimmer)

Retails for $42.00 – (Amazon) (eBay) (Sephora)

Urban Decay Naked Basics

I wasn’t to sure of this small palette at first, but once I began to play with it I really liked it. It has five basic colors that you can put with any other shades or palette for blending. You have a highlight and shimmery highlight shades along with a light nude color ideal for blending, dark brown and a black for adding dimension to your eyes. This is a great palette for travel and to keep in your purse for touch-ups. You get 6 shades,  Venus (soft, off-white demi-matte), Foxy (very light yellow/white matte), Walk of Shame (very light nude matte), Naked2 (taupe matte), Faint (warm, dusty brown matte) and Crave (deepest, darkest brown/black matte).

Retails for $27.00 – (Amazon) (eBay) (Macy’s)

Emani Face Powder

I have been trying to find a talc free powder for quite a while now. I have extremely sensitive and acne prone skin and found out I am allergic to talc and octinoxate, a chemical compound found in many cosmetics. This is one of the few powders I found that doesn’t include talc. It’s a pressed powder form and comes with a sponge in the bottom part of the container. I have to say this is my absolute favorite face powder of all time! It’s full coverage so it can be worn with liquid foundation or on its own without it getting cake or breaking me out.

Retails for $32.oo – (Amazon) (eBay)

ELF HD Powder

This HD powder from ELF is really nice and comparable to the Makeup Forever HD powder. This is ideal if you want a translucent powder to set your face makeup. The only thing I don’t like about white powders, both ELF and Makeup Forever, is that it can cause your skin to appear ashen. If you are medium to dark skin this probably won’t work for you but if you are fair to medium skin this will be great. The powder itself is very finely milled and goes on well.

Retails for $6.00 – (Amazon) (eBay)

Studio Body Glow

This is a body shimmer but after playing with it, I feel the glitter is just to chunky. The color is a beautiful gold shade and it would look good on the chest or shoulders but I would not recommend using this on the face. The glittery effect is way to much to be used all over the face as a face powder.

Retails for $6.00 – (Amazon) (eBay)

Dermablend Cover Creme


This is an amazing concealer for blemishes! This is 1oz. of product compared to MAC’s Studio Finish which is 0.24oz. The price is more, but for the amount of product you get and what it does it really is remarkable. The texture is very smooth, creamy and doesn’t cake u like a lot of concealers on the market today. This is not only good for your blemishes but for under the eye area as well. It’s one of the few concealers I have found that works well for both areas.

Retails for $35.00 – (Amazon) (eBay) (Macy’s)

Tarte Blushes

Everyone knows I love Tarte’s blushes and I was so excited to see some new shades. All of them glide on smooth, have great pigmentation and don’t break out your skin. The newest additions to my collection is Glisten (medium pink with a gold shimmer great for medium to dark skin), Peaceful (muted pink with a touch of shimmer), Achiote (brighter matte finish pink), Charisma (warm pink with golden shimmer). All of these are stunning and like the other Tarte blushes are well worth the money.

Retails for $25.00 – (Amazon) (eBay) (Sephora)

Stila Convertible Colors

I know these have been around for a while but for me they are new. I purchased one a while back and fell in love with it so I purchased a few more. This is a cream blush that can also be used on the lips as well. I have been wearing cream blushes lately because of the dry weather, these help make the skin look dewy and fresh. The colors I purchased were, Gladiola (creamy coral/peach shade great for medium to dark skin. If you have fair skin apply lightly), Lillium (true pink shade), Petunia (bright pink, great for dark skin).

Retails for $25.00 – (Amazon) (Sephora)

Illamasqua Powder Blush

These intensely pigmented blushes are some of my favorites. They are smooth and velvety and easy to apply. They have several matte finish blushes which I love as well. The shades I purchased were, Chased (lilac pink), Tremble (light warm pink), Naked Rose (soft neutral pink, beautiful for fair to medium skin tones).

Retails for $26.00 – (Amazon) (ebay) (Sephora)

Burberry Velvet Foundation

Because I am allergic to so many ingredients I have really had to research which ones will work best for my skin. Although a bit on the expensive side, this foundation is one of the best I have used. This gives a nice satin finish to the skin without being shiny. It gives your skin a dewy finish without looking cakey. It has medium coverage but is can build to a full coverage foundation. I have been adding a little of the Revlon Colorstay with a matte finish to achieve a full coverage. The only downsides are the lack of shades and the price.

Retails for $55.00 – (Amazon) (eBay) (Nordstrom)

Buxom Lip Creams

I decided to branch out and purchase some different lipglosses and I love these. These have a plumping agent to them to allow your lips to look their fullest. They are glossy without being to sticky and are highly pigmented. The shades I purchased were, Creamsicle (soft peach), White Russian (nude pink), Purple Haze (plum/purple), Cherry Flip (red), Berry Blast (vivid fuschia).

Retails for $19.00 – (Amazon) (eBay) (Sephora)

Illamasqua Intense Lipgloss

Illamasqua has an Intense Lipgloss and a Sheer Lipgloss for those of you who may not want as much pigmentation. However, I went with the Intense Lipgloss because I wanted the rich color saturation. The only thing I don’t like about the glosses are the applicator. These have the brushes as opposed to the doe foot applicator. The colors I purchases were, Move (deep purple), Artufus (muted peach), Belladonna (deep pink).

Retails for $22.00 – (Amazon) (eBay) (Sephora)

Shew…so many new and exciting products. If there is something that you would like to see a full review of, let me know in the comments below. As always, I hope you are happy, healthy and safe!



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What a fantastic video Marlena…it’s so fun to see all these new products and get such an open opinion on them. Your skin looks super amazing so it’s hard to imagine you have skin problems of any kind. Have to get my hands on some of those buxom lip glosses as I am so in love with the NYX ones I tend to get nothing else! Thanks again, great video and you look so super gorgeous, Happy Christmas from sunny Melbourne Australia

Nice haul! Your hauls always make me want to buy more makeup. ;) I’ve been meaning to try Illamasqua. I have bad reactions to Bismuth Oxychloride. It’s in the original Bare Minerals formulation and it just ITCHED my skin so much. It’s a filler type product that adds a “sheen” (i.e. that bare minerals glow to products. While I have problems with it in foundations, it being in blushes doesn’t seem to bother me. As for the talc free stuff, have you tried any indie companies? Loose powder wouldn’t be as portable but most indie companies don’t use talc, Bismuth Oxychloride, or that other ingredient you were mentioning.

Good to know! I’m hoping Makeup Geek formulates blushes this year without any of these horrible ingredients. Just takes time and moola… *sigh*

You make them, I’ll buy them! LOVE the shadows. Boron Nitride is a good alternative Bismuth since many people have reactions to Bismuth. It has a glow to it too, but it’s a bit more expensive. These are just my findings from research and dabbling in making my own stuff as a hobby though. Thought I’d at least share for you to bring up with your chemists or whoever does your formulating. ^_^

I’m so glad that you’re committed to quality affordable pressed cosmetics. I prefer pressed over loose powders for portability and space, so I really appreciate it. Looking forward to seeing what you have in store for us. :)

Me too i am alergic to many of the chemicals in regular makeup, so i switched almost completely to natural and organic makeup, i recommend you Zuii organics from Australia, ZUZU luxe from USA, Sante Kosmeticks from Germany, this and other brands are available at Whole foods or order online, all of them are free of synthetic chemicals and only use organic botanicals.

Hey Marlena!
I purchased the beauty blender ( through your store) and I bought the MUF Matte velvet foundation, I really like it ( I usually use MUF – HD foundation #160)
I actually prefer it over MAC, shhhhh lol it glides on and looks flawless esp using the blender. I purchased the Tarte holiday collection, through ebay ( it’s sold out everywhere) but I got mine!!! and love the shadows! I just ordered the LORAC pallet and anxious to try that! thank you so much for your well wishes! I truley miss my artist days, and now lock up more than make up but who knows what the future holds, after I have my baby I will have some time off at least :-)

yes they are pigmented, and smooth, the only thing with the foundations is because they don’t contain silicones, they feel a little dry in the application and not full coverage, but you just need to get use to the consistency. They are sold at Whole Foods or online, another brand that i forgot to mention is Jane Iredale is a brand from USA, i buy the powdered eyeliner and foundations.

Loved your reviews! just picked up some makeup from your review on foundations and some “worth the $” high end products, I worked for MAC cosmetics for a while before entering into Law Enforcement – and now starting to think outside the box and try other cosmetics, but still a MAC girl at heart. Keep them coming! I truly enjoy your reviews and suggestions.


I absolutely love your tutorials. I log on everyday to see wha you have new. Can you tell me what colors you are wearing for this overhaul and could you also do a tutorial of what colors you are wearing as well. I would really appreciate it. It looks like a good everyday look.
Thanks Katy

The Dermablend concealer doesn’t look like it has a color corrector in it. Do you think it would work better than a salmon-colored one for really dark under eye circles?

I’m always on the hunt for something that’s going to get rid of the purple mess beneath my eyes :)

I hope this is of any help … but a lot of my clients have very dark under eye circles … what I do is use a lighter concealer under their eyes than their skin tone (maybe by 2 shades lighter) and usually that gets rid of most of the blemishes … I then apply powder (the same shade as their skin colour) over the top of that concealer. If you can’t find a powder that matches your skin exactly you could buy a mat eye shadow instead either one should work just fine :)

Good luck xx

I’m using the Chanel Correcter Perfection concealer and it works amazing! I’m curious to see if any Chanel products use talc or bismuth chemicals… I also use the Chanel Vitalumier Aqua foundation. Have you tried it? I would love it if you could do a demo on the Burberry foundation!

Anyways, great video, as always! Are you planning on a meetup in the Sac area anytime soon? I remember you saying that and would love to meet you :)

Marlena! Thank you so much for this information! I will look for Talc free too… maybe that is why I break out!

Also can you please do a tutorial for us pastey white girls with cool undertones? I love dramatic eyes so don’t be too plain :)

Thanks Marlena that was really helpful! :) …. Just wondering if you could please do a review on the MAC face and body foundation if you haven’t already done one yet? <3

Thank you xxx

Hi Marlena, I am interested in purchasing the dermablend cover creme as I’m not having much luck covering up my blemishes and dark circles. What colour to you use for this product as I am about the same skin colour as you?

Heyy Marlena ,u are sooo beautiful & awsum review ,i always watch ur reviews n ur videos n i bought every stuffs of urs ,u are my Makeup Guru u are the person who inspired me to get into this glamour world.Thank you so much for being in my life . <3
Btw can u tell me what is ur Burberry foundation color n Dremblend cover creme ??? coz i m of the same color as urs :)

Merry Christmas !!!


i absolutely love the lorac pro! i’m glad it got really popular; it went practically unnoticed in its first few months and i remember right around the time i got it, it seemed like a lot of people were as well. glad you like it!

i, too, thought the naked basics was not that good but i know people with mature skin tend to stay away from shimmery shades (although i think they can totally be worn!) and it is super neutral. i can do a beautiful, simple look on myself and i really like it. when i first saw pictures of it i was pretty disappointed and upon swatching the shades i realized it could be used for a nice and clean natural look or to blend out other shades. i love it!

Ugh, I hear you on the makeup sensitivities! I developed some weirdo reaction to something in chemical SPF, so now if it goes anywhere near my mouth it looks like I have cold sores or worse, swollen nasty cracking lips! It’s really hard to find products I like without any SPF. Laaamee.

I have been trying to play around with highlighting and contouring more, and I found the ‘faint’ color in the UD Naked basics is a nice color for medium skintypes. Yay dual usage!

Thank you for always sharing info with us! We kind of get to live vicariously through you, especially with things we can’ afford to try out ourselves :)

I swear you’re going to make me go broke. lol I love the makeups you promote entirely too much for my bank account’s own good! (;;^.^) That’s MORE stuff I’m going to have to track down on ebay. Most of what you use isn’t available in stores here in Canada. ;p

Great review. I love trying new stuff so this was very helpful. I never wore foundation but I am 40 now and feel I need a little coverage for. some redness and uneven spots, what do you recommend? I dont want to look too made up. I prefer natural look. I started with tinted moisturizer and its been ok. Any thoughts?