Hello Beautiful Makeup Geeks!

I had SUCH a great time at IMATS this year meeting so many of you!  Thanks to each of you who came by to say hello and give a big hug :)  You were such sweethearts, and I really wish I could have spent more one on one time with each of you.

I wanted to share my haul video with you showing what I picked up at the show.  There were some great new products that I can’t wait to use in some videos!

Hakuhodo and Bdellium Brushes

These brushes are amazing!  The quality of the Hakuhodo ones are incredible, but super expensive.  I wouldn’t recommend getting a ton of these, but for a splurge, they are really nice.  The bdellium ones are nice too (very soft) and are super affordable!  My favorite is the #945 which is a dupe for the MAC 109 that I use in so many videos.  The #768 is nice also- is similar to the Makeup Geek Outer V brush but a little bigger and stiffer.

Pricing for the Hakuhodo brushes is between $40-110 and the Bdellium is between $5-30.

Where to Buy:    Hakuhodo  .  eBay

Where to Buy:   Bdellium  .  Amazon .  eBay

Sugar Pill Heart Breaker Palette

This palette is so vibrant and fun!  I love these colors together, and the pigmentation is amazing.  I definitely plan on doing a look with this palette soon as it’s so pretty.  The colors are all matte except the pale aqua, which has a slight shimmer.  The compact has a mirror inside for makeup on the go.  LOVE the packaging as well.

Where to Buy:  Makeup Geek Store

Naked Cosmetics Pigments

These pigments are super finely milled and come in such beautiful colors!  I favorite collections were the  “Naturally Nude” and the “Shock Effect”.   Although these are pigmented and easy to apply, I wish the price wasn’t so steep (is $60 for pack of 6).  The packaging is inconvenient also, but I do love the product inside.

Where to Buy:   Naked Cosmetics  

Beauty So Clean Sanitizer

This sanitizing spray is perfect for makeup artists looking to clean their eyeshadows and blushes without scraping them and wasting product.  To use this, you simply mist your makeup and let dry.  It isn’t supposed to dry them out or make them too wet to re-use.  (I haven’t tried yet, but will do a full review a bit later on it)

Where to Buy:  Beauty So Clean  .  Amazon  .  eBay

Ardell False Lashes

I’ve been using Ardell lashes for years as they are much easier to apply than other brands, are inexpensive, and look more natural because of the invisible base.  The new “double lash” ones are really fun looking as they flare out on the ends for added drama.  Can’t wait to use these babies in some dramatic looks!  ;)   The price ranges from $3.50-8.00 depending on the style you buy.

Where to Buy:   Amazon  .  Makeup Geek Store   .  eBay

Eye Kandy Glitter Kit

Everyone at IMATS was sporting these super fun and girly glitters!  You could tell who stopped by the Eye Kandy booth as their eyes were gleaming with glittery liner :)  I love these glitters as they come in so many colors and really are easy to apply!  Pictured here is the kit with 3 glitters, brush, and liquid sugar adhesive.  I’ll do a video soon using these as they’re lots of fun :)

Where to Buy:  Eye Kandy  .  eBay

Ciate Caviar Manicure Kit

This manicure kit looks so unique and fun!  It’s pretty much beaded nails that you can do at home.  I picked this up at Sephora as I wanted to try something new with my nails.  I’ll do a post later showing the final result, but so far it looks really fun!

The price for this was $25 and you can get it at Sephora, Amazon, and eBay.


Don’t forget to look for us at the IMATS 2013 in January!  I would love to meet you all and gain your support for Makeup Geek.  Without you, I wouldn’t be doing what I love, so thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support throughout the years. I really do appreciate it!

OH, and check out my post I did on my personal blog:   Simply Marlena



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TFS your haul with us! I totally live vicariously through you! I’m so excited to hear you’ll be coming to Sac! I live in Sac so I can’t wait!
Take care!

I agrre with you, in these pictures I can see better the colors of all.
Great purchases Marlena!
I love your hauls, purchases, tips, makeups…you are a sweet and talented person.
Xoxo from Brazil

I feel so dumb for asking but what is a IMATS?? it looks like it would be so much fun! where is it and what is it? I would love to go to something like that…
Thanks Marelena for yet another video…I learn so much from you. Please don’t ever stop :)
God Bless

IMATS means for International Make-Up Artist Trade Show.
It’s pretty much a huge convention for makeup artists and makeup lovers.
There are a bunch of booths selling Urban Decay, MAC, Make Up For Ever, etc. at a very discounted prices.
Also lots of makeup artists and gurus hold classes and seminars. Some partnered beauty gurus receive free products for consideration which are the hauls you’re seeing on Youtube! :)

GOOD GOD! i just looked up IMATS-it looks awesome!!…i never knew such an event existed..i would be like a kid in a candy store :) this is so great especially for someone who LOVES makeup and trying to start up a career as a makeup artist. are there any tips and/or advice you can give to who’s never been to this show? i would greatly appreciate it.
Thanks Marlena

thanks for sharing Marlena! you look fantastic in this video by the way!
I got some Beauty So Clean last year at IMATS NYC and although I think the concept is excellent, I have to say, it altered my make up in some way. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but most of the palettes that I used it on I had to replace! It sort of leaves an oily film on eyeshadows and when you use them, it alters the pigment in some way. There was just something strange about them after they’d be spritzed with this product. I am not sure if anyone else has had this experience, but I wanted to share. it was evident when I went to use them. It just makes the products not perform as well after they’ve been spritzed.

Hi Marlena,

You look STUNNING !! :) After the surgery, you just became more and more beautiful . Your body says everything. Needless to say that no matter what that when the heart is beautiful, everything else is too.

Nedabr- kisses from a Brazilian fan.

Glad you had a great time! Looking forward to hearing your review(s) especially that lip sealer :)

PS; I love your makeup look in this video! Quick tutorial perhaps?

You look so beautiful Marlena! Such an inspiration to us all! I love your body shape…so similar to mine! Go curvy girls!

Hello Marlena,
First of all I have to say that your makeup is GORGEOUS as always. You are so beautiful! So I want to tell you something about the “ciate nail kit” that you bought. I am sure you know who Youtube makeup guru Nikky tutorial is. So it’s her mother who create this brand of nail products. Just want to share the info to you in case you didn’t know! xxxx

hi marlena, nice haul. unfortunately i haven’t attended any of the IMATS i am not even sure if it is being held here in Florida. good for you :)

I noticed you have a bag of INGLOT? I didn’t see that in your review. I love Inglot cosmetics and they are very good quality and affordable prices. What did you get?

oh btw, bdellium brushes are great substitute to the overpriced mac brushes (hehehe) (pronounced as –delium, with the silent b)

they are know to be antibacterial brushes

hey the first is “guatemalahotmama” ^^ she’s so cute!
thank you Marlena for this video
kiss from France

I was wondering what the name of the collection was of the iridescent 6 pack pigments from naked were called? I looked on the site and it’s definitely not shock effect. I you could let me know I’d appreciate it!

I’m so going to get the eye candy glitter kit!!!! Love your makeup in the video can you please so a tutorial on it : )

Marlena!! i just wanna say that you look freakiing AMAZINNGGG!!! You truly and honestly look so great! Your such an inspiration to me as a MUA and a normal person trying to stay healthy and fit and all in doing it the right way!!! your such a wonderful role model!!! i<3 you

I was at IMATS on Saturday…I’m so bummed I missed you : (. Very interested in the San Francisco “Meet Up” and will try to go to IMATS Los Angeles in January (so Awesome you will have a booth there!!!!….Congratulations)

What do you use on your skin? Cause its always flawless. :)
Would love for you to do a skin care video.

I had never heard of IMATS before this video and this is exciting for me! I would love to go and am hoping to do so for the LA show in January! What should I do to prep? What should I expect?
Any info would be marvelous! Thanks for sharing this video and opening my eyes to a new world! lol :D

Congratulations on having a booth in January. Hope that it will be a great success for you. Thanks for sharing the goodies you picked up with us. I look forward to trying the Eye Kandy glitter liner kit and BDellium brushes. Hakuhodo brushes are my absolute fav, but they can really take a chunk out of your bank account. Loved the picture of you and Tiffany:)

Marlena, I just wanted to stop and tell you how happy I am for you. I have been watching for about 4 years and just love how you have so much more sparkle in what you are doing. Your smile, your joy that comes from within, your weight loss, and the new MUG cosmetics. Keep up the great work and that cute giggle you have ( I call it your joy giggle)it beautiful on you :)

Marlena, I love you and all of your tutorials! You’ve taught me SO much about makeup and the industry, so thanks for that!! Also, I always love your nails and have to ask- are they acrylics, and what color is the polish you’re wearing in this video? I love it!!!

Thanks for being such a wonderful inspiration to all of us current and future makeup artists!!!


Marlena, I love watching your tutorial videos,I’ve learned a lot from it. You’re amazing and a wonderful person.Wish you all the best.

oh my god! i got my eye kandy products today and i so love them! thanks marlena for your videos. i started watching cause a girl at the makeup counter at ulta told me about your site….i was looking for a cool makeup do for my 30th birthday last year and i dot inspired with your take on the sugar skull( it was a holloween themed party). huge fan, ever my 6 year old daughter loves watching you!((:

i wanna go to the imats!! how do you get in?! also i heard the naked lotion is amazing?! anyone have any good reviews on it?

Marlena – you look incredible! I am jealous of your IMATS haul! But I say we should have a MUG meetup in Hawaii!!! LOL

Lovely Haul n I must say u look awesome Marlena always :) I really wish if I could ever meet u at some show like IMATS but for me it’s impossible due to long distance neways love ur work tutorials n tips n always follow them..u r doing great job keep it up n takecares :)