Summer 2012 Makeup & Fashion Trends


Every season has their trends and this summer is no different. Get new season ready with our need-to-know guide for what’s in this summer. Be assured, whether your swoon for fashion, love to change your hair, keep up with the lasted makeup trends or pamper your nails, there is something for everyone here.

Silver Metallic Eyes

Metal toned eyeshadow has been one of the hottest trends so far in 2012 and for now it looks like it’s here to stay. Reflective washes of white silver light up the brow bone and add sparkle and dimension to the eyelid. It’s perfect for an evening or party look. You can even use it for a soft wash of color on your lids to help open your eyes. For a great tutorial on a look like this check out “Party Makeup: Metallic Smokey Eye”.

Cat Eyes

Pull out your eyeliner ladies because cat eyes are in full force. The familiar flick of liner has returned to the outer corner of the eyes but now with a twist. The double edged cat eye is widely popular. You can achieve this by adding an extra wing at the end of your liner, one for the top and one for the bottom for double the drama.  Use color instead of sticking with the main stream black to add color and dimension to your eyes.

Sun Kissed Skin

In summer we start to crave the sun and the glow that comes along with it. Thanks to beauty manufactures, there are numerous ways to achieve that sun-kissed skin.  Inspired by athletes who spend most of their time outdoors; “sporty-cheeks” are this year’s way to glow. You can mimic the effects of being in the sun by contouring parts of the face with a soft peach bronzer. Just remember, if you are going for the sun-kissed look to keep the eyes and lips natural.

Rose Colored Lips

Lipstick is back! Women are in lipstick heaven and choosing bright, flashy, eye-catching shades. For our porcelain or fair skinned girls, or for those who want a great lip but don’t feel comfortable in reds, then this is the way to go.  Stick to the rose and pink shades but don’t be afraid to try a shade or two brighter than your normal one.   The picture above is Marlena’s Glamorous Neutral Look featuring Makeup Geek’s “Delightful” lipstick teamed up with NYX’s “Smokey Look” Mega Shine Gloss.

Red Lips

Lipsticks most iconic shade is back! Don’t let this intimidate you though, with so many different shades on the market there is a perfect red lip for everyone regardless of your skin tone. If you have fair skin choose a coral-red shade, any other skin tone can go with a true red or blue based red tone to pamper their lips. For help we have several videos all about red lips, we recommend; “Top 5: Red Lipstick (how to choose your red lipstick)”, “Red Lips for Every Skin Color”,  “How to Rock Red Lips”.

Mint Accents













This seems to be one of the hottest shades for summer this year. Whether you choose to wear it on your eyes, clothes or nails you are sure to be trendy with this color. This color also looks amazing with gold as an accent. On the runway mint was seen most as a “pop-of-color” or in color blocking. One of the biggest trends with mint is to have it on your nails. Photo curtesy  imgfave.


Ombre Nails

Ombre hair has been everywhere this year and it looks like the nails are following close behind.  And since you can mix and match colors the possibilities are endless. There are two variations of this, paint each nail a different shade of the same color to give your hand an Ombre look, and the gradient nail. With so many tutorials on YouTube you can recreate this look in no time.  (Photo courtesy AcidTrix)

Tribal Nails

Tribal patterns are the hottest trend to hit the nail industry. Tribal design is a fashion print that has crossed the line onto nails. Whether you want a professional to do them, or create your own designs, the key to rocking this latest trend is to pick a design that compliments your natural style. For those who like things a bit wilder, opt for bigger and brighter prints. If you are more subdued choose prints that are smaller and lighter in color. A great way to get these is to try a nail wrap. These can be found in an assortment of brands and patterns and are easy to apply. (photo courtesy Emily’s Nail Files )

Braids, Twists & Ponytails

All of these are an easy way to spice up your hairstyle. It’s fast and easy and perfect on a hot day or one of those infamous bad hair days. The ponytail is back and easy to do. Wear it low, or slick and damp to achieve this season’s look. Braids and twists get graceful makeovers this season. One of the most popular braids is the waterfall braid with its elegant and simple look. The key to any of these looks is to look like you have put your hair up without giving it much thought.  If you’d like to see some of our recent braid tutorials, check out the Fishtail / Mermaid Braid, the Katniss Everdeen Braid, or the Curved Dutch Braid to Messy Bun tutorials.

Undone Waves

Beachy undone waves are always a summer favorite. (See Marlena’s Beachy Waves Hair Tutorial) This year’s trend is looser waves that makes the hair look like it was effortlessly done. The beach-ready style only requires a quick blow dry, subtle curl with the curling iron and raking your hands through your hair to create the right amount of “messiness”. Wear it parted on the side, or down the middle to give the barely-there curls your own style.

Colored Hair

It takes serious guts, or being a major celebrity, to pull off shockingly bright hair color. Stars like Nicki Minaj and Katy Perry are just a couple to change their locks to suit their mood. But you can add a touch of color to your hair without transforming all your hair. Try colors that compliment your skin tone. Fair skinned babes want to go with pastel shades like pale pink, lavender and baby blues. These colors also look great against blonde hair. If you have medium to darker skin tones, stick with jewel tones like emerald or deep purple. These also look great with darker haired girls. Try adding a streak or two in your hair, or buy an extension clip to try before committing to the shade.


The bang is back, also known as fringe. Whether a deep side swept bang or a set of bangs all across your forehead, bangs are everywhere. Bangs are at their best when they are cut thick, blunt and long. They look remarkable with a bob, short crop or even long hair. If you are feeling a little adventurous you may even want to try the micro-bang. Where normal bangs should sweep the top of the eyebrows, a micro-bang is cut very short coming to the middle of the forehead or even a little above. Either way, the bang or fringe is a great way to give your hair a fresh updated look.


Bold Prints

So maybe pushing the boundaries of fashion isn’t for everyone, but if you love bright colors, bold graphics or flower prints then this is the season for you! Regardless if it’s stripes, tribal, abstract or floral, every print is in. If you decide to rock a bold print dress, keep the shoes neutral. A great print shirt looks great with a sleek pencil skirt or jeans. Just keep the accessories to a minimum; the focus should be on the print. Mixing patterns is a great way to show off your individuality and creativity, just remember to let your print be the star of the show.

Bold and Blingy Appliqués

From face lace that goes around the eye and across the forehead, blinged out phone cases, studded nails and shoes, bling is everywhere. Add a pop of bling in your wardrobe by wearing a pair of studded heels like the ones we see Kim Kardashian wearing. Add lace or rhinestones to your nails with nail wraps or by a professional. With so many different ways to add bling to your wardrobe the possibilities are endless.

Peplum Skirts & Dresses

Also known as “crumb-catchers”, these are popping up everywhere, especially Hollywood. In case you didn’t know, peplum refers to a ruffle around the waist which adds volume while creating an hourglass figure. From shirts, skirts and dresses this is one trend you can’t go wrong with. They are fabulous and flattering and romantic all at the same time.

And there you have it, your trends for the summer of 2012. From hair, makeup, nails and fashion it’s all here. This season it’s all about color, from shades of mint, to bold patterns it’s all here. Just remember, the key to pulling off any good look is confidence. Let your inner beauty shine and the rest of you will be just as beautiful!


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I think they would as long as your “problem” area isn’t the hips/thighs? This style wouldn’t suit me as it’s my problem area, but I don’t think size matters :)

Would it work on an apple shape? My problem area is my belly. People always think I am pregnant.

i’m definitely rocking a pear figure, carrying my weight in my hips and thighs, and i have always been in love with the peplum style. i generally don’t think it would look good on an apple figure (who carry weight in the stomach) but i don’t mind, and actually like, accentuating my pear-shaped hour glass figure. i love it, despite how fashion wants to make everyone look long and lean with the teeniest hour glass. marlena, i totally think you could rock the peplum style really well! we are shaped similarly!

Actually, I thought they wouldn’t …but I bought one and i am a pear (gain weight in thighs and butt) but it looked FAB!!! But make sure the peplum comes out father than your thighs and then it will look very flattering.
I am sure you are GORGEOUS, though, and would look great in anything! :)

Thank you for giving us a clue! Love all the help on keeping fashionable.
When are you coming to Denver CO Marlena?

I’m hoping to by next year :) This year’s trip was Paris – gotta spread out my travel time ;)

Marlena, please do the tutorial for the Sun Kissed Skin, i can never get the cheek to look as bronzy glow like that…..

YAY!!! I’ve been trying to master the bronzy glow forever!! I’m getting close, but it never looks quite how I want it.

It’s posting tomorrow :) Just couldn’t tape when I got back from Paris as I got sick, then had death in family… But they’re on their way :)

I’m sorry to hear there was loss in your family Marlena :(

I am super excited for your upcoming tutorials… hopefully you make a lot of them with your MUG products. I’d love new ideas.

I love doing a cat eye and so glad to see it isn’t going anywhere. Super simple to do too! Can’t go wrong with a red lip either!

Love the sunkissed look but how to do it.. do you share make-up tutorials as well? The tribal nails look stunning too.

Had no idea there were makeup tutorials on Internet, but I m sooo happy I found you Marlena ! I already purchased 16 eyeshadows and some lipsticks from MUG, I was so happy when I received my makeup and I started playing ith it right away. Well let me tell you I love it! And I will be ordering more very soon I am a make up geek fan ; ) love the tutorials.

Marlena , please do a “sun kissed” tutorial for medium/dark skin and highlighting thoses skins. Kisses from France !!

Like this post, everything is detailed.
Love the make up look, mint accents,nail art designs etc.
Biggie help for fashion fanatics like me. =)

I love red lipstick, I am fair skin and own Really Red from Mary Kay and Are you red-dy from Maybeline, do you think they are good for me?

Yes. Light skinned people have to be a bit careful when it comes to bold colors but when it comes to red that’s when we REALLY stand out. I am as light as one can be and I own two red lip sticks. I like to layer them for the bold effect. Just make sure not to pair it with bold eyes or you could look like chuckles the clown.

I asked this on the Makeup Geek website but I wanted to ask on here just in case you don’t see it on there….Are you going to be selling Makeup Geek shadows and lipsticks at IMATS?

There are so many different options of what one can do for this year. Our options really are endless. Loving the ombre nails and the sun-kissed skin trends. Hopefully people won’t be disappointing and not try everything all at once – you tend to get those types of people.

In the mint nail picture you can see she has one bright gold nail! anyone know how to achieve that? Its very metallic! Is it a nail sticker? Polish? Def want that look!

I’m in love with the tribal trend this summer and those nails look amazing, I’m definitely going to have to think of some designs later which match my various tops. I think tribal designs and sun kissed skin will end up being my look of summer 2012.