Jangsara Through The Eras


Early 1900’s:

Early 1900’s is also known as Edwardian era.
Makeup style was very subtle, just a hint of mascara, peachy blush and maybe some lipcolored lipstick.

Keywords of makeup: Natural.

Icons: Sarah Bernhardt , Lilian Gish



Flapper style!

Theatrical, kinda clownish style, small clearly defined pouty lips.
Eyeshadow was applied in round shape, and brows were drawn thin.
Sometimes several beauty marks were drawn on face.

Keywords of makeup: “Cupid’s-Bow lips”, dark round eyeshadow, thin eyebrows.

Icons: Louise Brooks, Vilma Banky, Norma Shearer, Greta Garbo



Bold, linear symmetry, dynamic.
The eyebrows were plucked thin or shaved off entirely.

Style was very elegant, and 1930’s look can be still used as night-time look.

Keywords of makeup: Thin brows, red lips, elegant

Wallis Simpson, Marlene Dietrich, Jean Harlow, Joan Crawford



Close to classic 50’s look, but a bit toned-down version of it.
Brows started to get their angular shape, and lips were the main point of 40’s makeup.

Eyes had only mascara on upper lashes and maybe a hint of light brown to crease.

Keywords of makeup: angled brows, red pouty lips.

Icons: Evita Perón, Barbara Stanwyck, Betty Grable, Rita Hayworth



Classic pin-up decade.

Lips were red, brows were quite anglular, winged liner, false lashes…
You know the drill.

Keywords of makeup: Winged liner, false lashes, red lips

Icons: Marilyn Monroe, Grace Kelly, Ava Gardner, Elizabeth Taylor



Time of heavy makeup.
Shadows were heavy and rounded, black liner was used both on upper and lower lashline.
Thick false lashes were used, sometimes even on lower lashline.
Brows were also heavy.

Lips were very pale, pastels and  pearly pink lipsticks were used.

No blush was used.

Keywords of makeup: No blush, heavy mascara, pale lips, focus on eyes

Icons: Twiggy, Catherine Deneuve, Brigitte Bardot, Jane Fonda


Discoball time!

Disco was the big thing of the 70’s, and it showed on makeup. Glitters and shimmers were popular, as well as cream blushes and flavored lipglosses.

Keywords of makeup: Shimmers, cream blushes, colors such as green and blue

Icons: Donna Summer, ABBA, Bo Derek



Dark eyes lined with layers of black pencil,  and bold shades of eyeshadows.
Bright lips, such as fuchsia, orange, red or pink or other that screamed to be noticed.

Blush was very bold, and often sharp shaped, not blended.

Keywords of makeup: Bold colors, non-blended bright blush, bright lips, heavy liners

Icons: Madonna, Paloma Picasso, Kim Wilde, Boy George


A bit of everything.
Theme of the nineties seemed to be “Be yourself” which practically meant that everything could be worn.

Keywords of makeup: Everything.


I really don’t know if there’s a theme in 2000’s.  Maybe it’s the smokey eye with nude lips is the most iconic one.
Also nude makeup look became really popular.

Now people dare to experiment more with makeup, which is great :) Keep up the good work!


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OMG! Could we please have details on the ’80’s look? Maybe a step by step? That is AMAZING!

Awesome job!!! I have a soft spot for the 80s as this was when I started using make-up and hence my first purchase was a bright purple lipstick :-)

What a wonderful job of summarizing key points of each era! Love it! I would also rock that 80s look!

It’s cool to see how makeup can help define different era’s. Deeply in love with the 60’s look. Its crazy how large your eyes look from the white liner

Wow, that was really well done. The first one was hilarious because it was so accurate. They were very simple then, it is amazing to see how far make-up has come along. Well done!!

This was great– most impressive was the 80’s one, it blew me away! It was absolutely bona-fide **80’s**– you hit the nail on the head.

But I’ve got to disagree with you of there not being a makeup theme to the 90’s and 00’s– if you remember, through the late 90’s and early ’00’s facial body glitter was ”HUGE” at the time and pastel eyeshadows were very popular from what I remember (especially a shade of pale icy blue). I also remember a lot of girls would over exaggerate their natural lip line by filling it in with a shade of red or hot pink just above where the lip line began to make it appear ”fuller” and then add a pale baby pink shade of gloss to top it off– very Pamela Anderson.

omg im so in awe of you right now! i LOVED this article and these looks! I also would love to see the missing decades :)