Makeup Do’s from “The Devil Wears Prada”


DO sport red lips for a night out

When Andy goes out for an evening event, she sports a beautiful red lip for that pop of color!

My pick for best red lipstick: MAC Russian Red

This lipstick is a classic blue-based red color that looks flattering on just about everyone!

DO wear colorful eyeshadow with a black outfit

Nothing says “bleh” more than wearing a nude look along with a black outfit.  Play up something- lips, cheeks or the eyes! Emily is rocking some beautiful green eyeshadow for her look!

My pick for best green eyeshadow: Urban Decay Graffiti

DO pair a brown smoky eye with a berry stained lip

Andy wears this stained type lip throughout the movie and it looks beautiful with this brown smoky eye!

My favorite lip stain: Palladio Lip Stain in Berry

These lips stains are truly beautiful and last a long time! Nice for that “just been kissed” look ;)

DO keep your makeup age appropriate

Although Miranda was shall we say… “tough”, she knew how to keep her makeup glamorous yet age appropriate.  My favorite products for my sexy mature clients are cream blushes as they add a nice glow to the skin.

My pick: NYX Cream Blushes

They’re less than $7 and they glide smoothly and add a beautiful sheen to the cheeks!

DO add a twist to your everyday makeup by wearing winged eyeliner.

Emily knows how to switch up her office style with a little bling and some wing!

My pick for best black liner: Palladio Eye Ink

This liquid liner is small enough to keep in your purse and is so easy to use!

DO keep the rest of your makeup simple when rocking the blue eyeshadow.

Emily is fashion forward with her blue eyeshadow, but she pulls it off by keeping the rest of the face simple.

My favorite blue eyeshadow: NARS Rated R

This eyeshadow is so creamy feeling and blends beautifully!



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How about some DON’Ts next? I always find make-up artists’ varying ‘don’t’ lists interesting.

YESSS!!!!! a make upp and fashion “donts” would be great! not just from the movie but for everyday life

oh my gosh! The whole time I was watching the Devil Wears Prada, I was more interested in the makeup and clothing than anything else. Love this article, you should consider doing similar articles for different movies

Hi Marlena,

GREAT article!!! This is one of my favourite films and one also notices the great make-up at once. Thanks for the great tips! Now I know what to do with my green and blue eye shadows which I like so much!

I recommend going to the store or counter and asking for advice. I found that the colour difference between, say, MAC’s website and what the products really look like are completely different.

Hi Marleena,
for me (again) the brown smokey lokk is gorgeous!
Make a tutorial!

And there is a blooper in the film about this smokey look.
In the first scene at the restaurant Andy didn’t wear smokey look, but only eyeliner, than the smokey look, as in the picture below, and than again eyeliner solo.

many kisses

Red lips are my trademark, mmm LOVE IT!
Btw: Miranda rocks! Meryl Streep looks better every year, she’s the most elegant woman ever! She’s not aging, she’s becomming more beautiful as the years progress. Every women her age should be so proud and sofisticated.

Devil Wears Prada is the best movie ever, I’m going to watch it now. :) I actually watched the different make up types in this movie and took note for when I first started learning makeup. It’s a great movie for this purpose, but Meryl is amazing and the number 1 reason to watch it. This list was very well put together, and I also support making a don’ts article, should be funny. I work with Mary Kay and I see how some people wear makeup and just want to help them sometimes, lol.

I totally agree that Russian Red is the BEST red lipstick ever! I get compliments everytime I wear it. I also have the Grafiti eyeshadow by UD and it is amazing

I love this movie too and I agree with everyone – please do that beautiful brown smokey eye! Thanks Marlena :)

Twice in this article Emily is wearing one color eyeshadow, a blue and a greeen and they both look beautiful. When I try to wear one color it never looks right. Can you do a tutorial to how her green or blue shadow? Thanks so much! I loooove this movie! Good pick!

Just bought the Russian Red today. So pretty! Would love to see a tutorial with the brown smokey eye using UD Naked pallet! Please and thank you!! ;)

My favorite movie. Agree with everyone smokey brown eye tutorial. I love the make up fashion in the movie. Absolutely fabulous!

thanx for all the tips! i love this movie!!! but when i watched it i wasn’t into makeup as i am now. gotta watch it again and appreciate it more!! :-)

I certainly love the clothes, make up and the attitude in this movie. I read the book as well, which was equally entertaining.

OMG PLEASEEEEEEE DO A TUTORIAL ON THAT SMOKEY EYEAND BERRY LIP!!! ITS SOO AMAZINGLY GORJUSH ! i think that we cal all testify thats the most popular look amongst us all. you just dont see make up like that in the UK!

I really like all the new articles you are doing! It’s a good twist on things! Can’t wait to see whats next!

Great article I love it!
Hey can you give more tips for makeup for mature women’s, sometimes I do the makeup of my mother and I would like to know whats best to make her look beautiful!

I am a becoming a huge fan of yours! I googled how to’s with makeup on night and just happened upon you and feel in love. You are professional yet you have a sense of humor. I think you are very pretty and really know what you are doing! Thanks for all the tutorials and info!
I have seen The Devil Wears Prada like 50 times, it’s a fav or mine!
One question, do you wear false eyelashes? If so can you do a tutorial on how to apply them.

I, too, have become a great fan of Marlena and Makeupgeek. I also agree that Meryl Streep looks amazing in this movie. Very age appropriate, but classy. How about a tutorial for us “mature” women adapting some of the latest trends to fit us?

My every day make-up is just simple..

Thank you so much for your tips. Now, I can make different looks with my every day make-up.

And I agree with Linda, I hope you can give us a tutorial that is appropriate for every age. :) Thank you.