Celebrity Makeup Uh-Oh’s


Now granted most of these women have personal makeup artists to take care of their lovely faces, but on the MUA’s day off, these women are let to fend for themselves.

Paris forgot to blot!

This is always an embarrassing situation. If you’re going to be in a social setting, skip the gloss and keep it matte. Paris should be investing in NARS Jungle Red Lipstick (semi matte bright red).

Britney needs a mattyfing primer stat!

I’m almost speechless on this one.  Amongst many of the other makeup mistakes that are going on in this picture, Britney should really be looking into a smoothing primer to even out her skin tone.  My favorites are MAC’s Mattyfing primer or Too Faced Primed and Poreless.

Bad Bronzer Placement for CZJ!

If you’re going to use bronzer, the placement is important. In Catherine Zeta Jones’s case, she should have kept it to the apples of her cheeks and the sides of the temples to highlight her amazing cheekbones. My favorite bronzer is NARS Laguna Bronzer.

Rihanna is overkill on the undereye concealer!

Rihanna honey, find a concealer to match your skin! If your eyes look dark and tired from a full day’s work, use an eye brightener over your normal foundation or concealer to lighten and brighten the area.  A good option is to use something like  Benefits-Ooh La Lift, instead of using 4 shades lighter concealer.

JLo washes out her usual glowing skin

Why on earth would you ever want to mute out such gorgeous skin?!  Women pay good money to get coloring like hers! I would suggest  Jennifer Lopez go and find a foundation that matches her skin tone and illuminates the gorgeous skin she was born with.  Neutrogena Healthy Skin Foundation should do the trick, and give her that beautiful tan glow.

Kim breaks the matchy-matchy rule!

Not only does the blue underneath her eyes match her dress perfectly, but it also makes her look ill.  If you want to match the color of your eyes to your dress, okay fine, but the thickness of the line is dreadful.  She should have kept it smooth and minimal. Maybe next time she can use Urban Decay’s 24/7 pencil in Binge (midnight blue) on just the waterline, and keep it simple.


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Do you use photoshop? I don’t think you would have made that comment had you any experience with the program. These photos look remarkable natural, little if any photo retouching. Google will help you learn the difference.

Just a note: Tammy Faye passed away in 2007. You might want to change your post to reflect that or replace her with another offending celeb. Uma Thurman and Nicole Kidman were just in the news for their foundation/powder mistakes.

I truly did not realize she had passed, and wasn’t trying to be rude to her specifically. This article was just a fun one that was supposed to be lighthearted. We updated the post to reflect this part

Don’t be silly. This post wasn’t disrespectful in any way. It’s not as though they were speaking ill of the dead.

People are reading WAY too much into this article… it’s really RIDICULOUS! I mean seriously people, when the article for Makeup Do’s from “The Devil Wears Prada” came out, people were saying how nice it was; BUT that they would like to see an article about what NOT to do with make-up! MUG was just giving their fans what they asked for. It was just a learning tool, I seriously doubt that MUG would EVER do it just to be malicious! And on another note: dead or alive, I’m sure that Tammy Faye wouldn’t have read so much into it! I for one don’t get ‘butt-hurt’ when someone learns from my mistakes, even the embarrassing ones! Believe me, it’s happened. Some people just need to relax a little.

And GREAT JOB MUG, I now know what NOT to do!!! Thanks for this highly informative article, I appreciate it!

While I find this interesting as a learning tool, I find this post out of character for Makeup Geek. Not too sure what to make of it…

I think this article is helpful and humorous…I find nothing wrong with it…okay so one the lady’s mentioned has passed but obviously her makeup mistake is here to stay, sorry for the loss to anyone who was affected by it…but seriously dispose of that mascara!

Wow! After reading some the comments, I just have to say, I actually really liked this article, it was nice change. Something different that was informative, yet fun to read. I mean who hasn’t read the TMZ headlines about Lindsay Lohan’s latest debacle, or read the “10 worst dressed” after a major event such as the Grammy’s, Emmy’s, Etc. Not once in any of the below photo descriptions did I think it was NEARLY as negative as the comments people post on the aforementioned websites. It didn’t even come close. And I actually took some useful info from this post. I hope the negative feedback doesn’t stifle any other similar posts, because I see it as a growth of Makeupgeek’s content, rather than a setback.
Plus I appreciated that celebrities were the topic of discussion here. It goes to show they’re human too, and we don’t have to aim for this unrealistic standard of goddess like perfection that the media would have us believe.
To summarize, the message I got from this article was, you don’t have to be perfect but here’s some tips to be the best “you” that you can be… okay sounded better in my head, but you get the point. I’m gonna jump off my soapbox now and let someone else take a stand.
Good article Marlena and Taryn. Please continue doing what you’re doing.

dear god, dont get your panties in a bunch..its just a silly piece and it shows that as perfect as we think celebrities can be, they make the same mistakes as non celebrities do. get over it and enjoy the article. its not like its politics!

anyhoot! loved this piece, it was funny and amusing. like to see more!

I think this is good information. I often have these issues too and if they can help point out what Im doing wrong or missing out on, fantastic! I am getting some of that too faced primer!

I personally didnn’t like this post either….. no matter how it was “supposed” to be taken, the tone of it was more attacking to these celebs. (especially the Tammy Fay comment- she has passed for pete’s sake) I didn’t think MUG would post things like this. But, it’s just my opinion- I just thought it was kind of rude and disheartening to come from such a good make up website. Might want to think about pulling this specific post.

First of all Tammy Few laughed at her self for the way she wore makeup. She even wrote a section in one of her books before she passed and want on all the talks show in the morning of how to wear makeup like her. Honestly, I think people just make comments because they just want something to complain about BECAUSE THEY DON’T HAVE A LIFE THEMSELVES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LIGHTEN UP PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Marlena you’re fabulous and KEEP DOING WHAT YOU DO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

people just want to bitch and love to find the “drama” in anything!! its so humorous, i would not apologize about anything.

lol Seriously?!?!? Get over it, she had bad makeup..No one said she was a bad person or mention personality. I say post whoever makes a makeup mistake..WHile we’re on the subject show Michael Jackson’s Pic he had make up NO NO’s LOL and I like Mike but we know he was looking crazy.

its not about putting down the celbrities ; shes using them as examples , considering alot of us look up to celebrities. what other examples was sh meant t use , random people off the street , no idant think so honey . she simply is using them because the are common mistakes and it helps us learn from them . if anything she did the celbrities a favour .

Some needs to breath deeply. God. I think Taryn|Marlena did a good job and the article was funny, yet helpful.

I agree, I think this post was rather negative! I come here for the positive energy and to learn things about make-up. I understand the point that you were trying to make but i believe there would have been a more respectful way of putting it. I am a little taken back by this post! Especially the one about Tammy Fay seeing how she has recently passed!

There was nothing negative about this article. I’m sorry thats how you feel but it was honestly just to say we are all human and we all make mistakes regardless of who you are.

I am the first one to admit we all make mistakes! Hell I come to make up geek to learn not that I have it all figured out! I just thought there may have been a better way to go about it is all. Anyway, I see you tookt he picture of Tammy Faye down… I love what you guys do here and am still a huge fan! The beauty of having a discussion board is that everyone gets to speak on there opinions!

Although I am not as “passionate” as some about how offensive this article is or is not, I just would like to say Taryn that I do think it is a little disrespectful to say that “there was nothing negative about this article”, as a response to someones OPINION. While I don’t think it’s as big a deal as some are making it out to be, I did find it a little out of character for the Makeup Geek sight, as Marlena is always so cheerful and positive. Maybe these types of things should be left to the more trashy and gossip-y websites. LET’S KEEP WITH MARLENA’S POSITIVE VIBE!!! :-D

I thought this was a fun article…and it reminded me of times when I have looked at photos from a night out and thought “oops..a little too much powder” or “Was I reeally that orange?!”

P.S – I love this site!! Loads of great ideas! Thank you xx

If everyone could stop crying about Tammy Faye, that would be cool. It’s already been removed people, grow up. This article WOULD be negative if it only pointed out flaws, but instead it provides solutions to mistakes MANY people make. Have some intelligence and stop trying to be offended at every little thing.

ooo please..negative?? give me a break. It is positive, because every girl thinks that celebrities are perfect with their wonderful makeup artists at their palm. and it shows how they make the same mistakes we do! so get over your drama, and if you dont like it, dont read!

makeupgeek.com please dont apologize for this article!

i’m so glad i’m not the only one who’s made these mistakes. i often forget celebs are human too.

i didn’t see any harm with this article, it wasn’t attacking Tammy Fay as a person, just talking about a mistake she made that A LOT of other girls tend to. Showing that even some of the best known people make simple mistakes like everyone else. This is actually a pretty funny article, we’re all human

yes we are all humans! and sometimes we as women forget that these celebrities wakeup with their hair in a mess and no makeup! i love the article it makes me feel alot better that these girls were even photographed for their mistakes!

I think it is fine to point out make up no no’s; that is another way we can learn and identify what we do wrong. But, yes, does not sound like this came from Marlena who is usually very positive. Probably written by Taryn, am I right?

I really enjoy Marlena’s tutorials. I agree that she is a very positive person. That’s what I like about her. Taryn has a negative attitude. Something needs to be done about that.

Jen, I’m not sure how you’re thinking Taryn is negative? This article was a collab between us both- it was supposed to be just a funny, lighthearted article. I understand about the Tammy Faye part, so we deleted that section out of respect in her passing.

But honestly, how many times have we seen on E News or any fashion site pointing out celeb’s fashion mishaps? Most people don’t have issues with that as long as it’s lighthearted in nature, which I believe was the point of this article also. It’s not meant to be mean…

I was not upset about the article. Those were definitely some makeup mishaps. Taryn comes off very rude when responding to comments. Maybe I’m wrong, but we are just used to your sweet personality.

I’m not sure how I’m coming across as mean- I’m not trying to be :( It’s hard to read tone through typing. If you met me in person, you’d realize that I’m not mean. Yes, I am honest but never am demeaning or anything like that

I do not think this “celeb uh oh” article was a bad idea. I’m glad we come across things like this because people often see celebs as nothing but perfect. But without the make up, they have just as many flaws as we do. It’s also nice to see the mistakes they make as well. I think people often take things too personal. Like Marlena had said, it’s just like on TV or magazines where you see celebs in “worst dressed” articles. Thanks for the humor Taryn and Marlena, I sure liked it!!! <3

I didn’t really see Taryn’s responses as being negative either, and I have no idea who Tammy Faye or half these people in the article are. I was thinking about my original comment and wanted to say something else…

I don’t really keep up with celebs or gossip or anything like that. Part of this is because I think it’s pointless, that is just my personal view on it. Also it is because many celebrities have impossible lives and impossible bodies. They are in their own little world, something we can’t really relate to. Many of them have cosmetic surgery done so they can look “perfect” or what society says they should look like.

On the other hand they are people just like us and make horrible mistakes with their makeup or whatever. If I had something caught in my teeth I would want someone to nicely point it out so I could fix it. I wouldn’t want a picture taken of it and have people laugh at me for not flossing after eating.

Basically I felt this article came off a bit harsher than it was intended to. I remember watching the tutorial on how to do blue eye makeup. There were red X’s on the pictures of celebrities (and Barbie lol) who had poorly done blue eye makeup. The way that video was done was lighthearted and fun, and I think perhaps this article was meant to have the same feel. The problem with text vs video is that it’s harder to really convey your feelings through text alone. It’s easy for a reader (including myself) to read this article and get a different feeling than what was intended. Sort of “It’s not what you say it’s how you say it” situation, only it’s “how they read it.”

Lol ladies you don’t realize how much of an issue your making out of nothing. Taryan nor Marlena said anything harmful about any1’s body, looks or personalities they kept it strictly about makeup which is what this website is about after all.

Lol.. I thought the article was great. We work so hard trying to look good in our makeup that it’s nice to see that celebs make mistakes too. Plus I picked up some new ideas for products that I might want to purchase in the future. Thanks Marlena and Taryn

There is nothing wrong with this post! These were pretty big make-up mishaps and isn’t that the point of this website? To show you how to do your own fabulous make-up, as well as what not to do? Perfect relevance. No one is poking fun of anyone – they are pointing out their flawed make-up.

Yikes… I dont think this was meant to be offensive to anyone but probably just light-hearted make-up dont’s.

I know I have been guiltly of a few of these “dont’s” at times and I think it’s upsetting to be judged/criticized. I love to try new things and boy do I know that it doesn’t always work out! haha But I’m sure this wasn’t meant to be nasty… (idk – this is just my opinion – and not worth much…)

I love you Marlena and am so grateful for your inspiring and positive tutorials and articles!
PS – I love the Smashbox eyewish vid!

i agree with many of the comments, i guess this article was just a boiling point for most of us. we are resisting the change of adding a new member to MUG. we like all the positive, cheery updates…. not the negitive finger being pointed. i agree, taryn comes off a tiny bit rude.

Wow, I can’t believe how overly serious some people are being. There’s celebrity gossip all over the place and it is usually NASTY…and yet we still read it. I thought this was pretty light-hearted actually, and not mean, I could’ve said much worse things about those pics than the tips Taryn and Marlena provided.
Take it easy ladies, CZJ looks terrible with that bronzer, like seriously…makes you think how you can do overkill with that, J-LO looks older by paling her face and over-mattifying it…whats the big deal, I thought these fotos were enlightening about where you could go wrong actually. We forget that our skin-tones is really the key to creating a look that’s ‘right’for you. thanks MUGS, it’s appreciated.

Yes! That is the point of the article, as I understand it. I don’t see why so many people got so defensive over it.

Paris’ lipstick-on-the-teeth was funny, actually.

I personally thought this was a great article simply because now we know that not all celebrities are born beautiful or have the greatest features (or the best sense of makeup), and it should inspire us to appreciate makeup AND a good makeup artist’s work. Celebrities have the job to look beautiful (at least when in public) so I would think this is fair game. I am a Math Instructor, and as faculty members, we are indiscriminately reviewed by students who are brutally blunt and honest. We take it professionally, as that is our JOB. I hope I made some sense :)

Wow! I can’t believe people think this is mean! Come on guys, lighten up. Do you think magazines get hateful comments like this when they ask who wore it better, or do “celebrity blunders” type things?

Hoooooooly Crap. I can’t believe what all the hullabaloo is about. I’ve been coming to this website for well over a year.. i’ve seen alot, learned alot, and envied even more. The talent, the personality, the spirit, etc. always keeps me coming back. Do I agree with everything, most of the time yes, but not always. I’ve seen people aske for tutorials with models, then complain when models are used, I see people constantly asking for tutorials which Marlena has already done…just have to look. I see people wish for MORE MORE MORE from Marlena and then when she expands, ooooh we don’t like it, we don’t like her new perosn, ooh her new person is nasty, etc. People please, Marlena is Makeupgeek and thanks to all of us and her hard work, she and MUG are growing by leaps and bounds. I think it’s awesome to see things changing and it’s also very inspiring. Tammy Faye is deceased, but her makeup was AWFUL. She knew it and so does everyone else. She admitted in many articles and interviews the craziness of her makeup. That was her thing. I unfotunately didn’t get to read the TF reference, but I wish I could have…it’s been censored. Now before anyone feels the need to respond, please know this is not directed and anyone in particular nor is it meant to offend, just meant to maybe encourage people to give pause before getting so upset. Taryn was attacked and her e-mail responses have a defensive tone. I think it’s unacceptable to say those things about Taryn in such a public forum. She has feelings and they have probably been hurt. Taryn, I’ve never met you or e-mailed you or had any communication with you, but since you’ve joined the MUG team, I’ve noticed subtle changes which I thnk are awesome. I’m loving the articles and think you have a welcomed creativity. Kudos to Marlena for picking you to be on her team. BRAVO MUG. I just love you guys.
Adriana E.

I agree, and I’ve read most of Taryn’s comments. I don’t think they come of as rude, just honest.(: polite and to the point. she never says anything offensive. idk what everyone is talking about. great article guys, made me smile!

*stands and applauds* couldnt have put it BETTER myself! idk taryn either, but i like her!!! (in the non-stalker-MUG-fan way, lol)

Well you saved me a lot of typing, agree with you on this 100%.Personally i am really thankful to all the staff at Makeupgeek.I learned so much from them that i can’t feel otherwise.So please stop attacking Taryn uselessly,after all by reading the article you can learn many tips in order to avoid makeup mistakes.After all that’s why we are here.So thanks Taryn for teaching me smth new today ;).And don’t bother asking offensive comments…some ppl need to learn to cheer up.But you can’t teach them this too ;))).

I was the one who originally pointed out that Tammy Faye had passed away. I thought I’d check back tonght to see if the post was updated. Had no idea people would be upset. I just wanted to point out that she had passed so you could refer to her in the past tense. Never implied that anyone was rude, just trying to be helpful. Keep up the interesting posts. If we can all watch tutorials based on a celebrity’s look than we can learn from their mistakes too. People need to relax….it’s just makeup!

Enough said, I think everyone’s responses are so true! and again I think what we love about Marlena other than her beautiful make up and incredibly watchable style is that she seems to be the kindest person ever. And Taryn, we don’t know your style as well, but when you respond to posts you do not have that same sweetness we flock to on the MUG site. You probably are super nice, but I think your responses in general (not always here, just other responses I see on the boards, not necessarily mine) are rather dismissive and blunt. I hope all of this dialogue does not deter Marlena from doing lots of new stuff, because that is why we are here, so thank you and please continue Marlena! We adore you!

I apologize for coming off rude. I’m very blunt yes, but I love each and everyone of you just as Marlena does. Everytime I create a review, article, or a new look I have your best interest in mind. I only wanted to bring some humor to the table. I hope you all can understand. <3

Thank you Marlena, Taryn and all the other people who post for all the great information and hard work that you put into this site. I have learned alot and always look forward to what I will find here.
Taryn, I am so sorry that you were attacked the way you were here today. It was very uncalled for and very inconsiderate. And I think some of the comments were a bit hypocritical. You do a great job, keep it up! :)
I enjoyed the post. It reminded me of those Do’s & Don’ts that you find in the back of some fashion magazines.
Thanks again!!! :D

These tips are helpful, but many of these mistakes I have made myself. As someone who is still learning the “right” way to do my makeup I found this article rather awkward and embarrassing. I would be really upset if I found my picture next to some of the comments.

I know this was supposed to be lighthearted and funny, and parts of it were. I just feel that Marlena has done such a good job of building our confidence and skill at applying makeup, and this article made me want to hide my face. It’s certainly alright to use their pictures to show us what to do or what not to do, but I feel it could have been done more tactfully. I hope you are not offended by my comments, but I think this came off a bit more condescending than you intended it to sound.

Just for the records, we would NEVER post something like this about “regular” people. I think the celebrities are fair game as they have a team of people who make them look beautiful- I hope that makes sense…

And the point was to notice that we all have done makeup bloopers at some point- we have to look back at them and just laugh and be like “man, what the heck was I thinking wearing neon blue eyeshadow with those hot pink lips?!” hahaha- yes, that was me- gotta love being an 80’s kid ;)

beauty blender vid *cough * *cough* :) . seems pretty pricey for a spnge that costs 50 cents to make , dying to see if u agree with the raves . x

No biggie…you can put the most positive, best thing out and SOMEONE will find a flaw! Thats when you know you are doing good LOL…Im very new to this website and its tight! You dont come accross most people who are willing to offer advise, help or their secrets in the competitive world of beauty! I say keep the celebrity mistakes comming lol :-)

why so much drama?? This was a good article, and Tammy Faye is best known for her mascara overload. It was her trademark.

This is a fun article. Being new to makeup I have done some of these uh-ohs. It is kinda funny to see how a celebrity would do their own makeup with out a MUA. It’s nice to know that I was not the only one who thought matchy-matchy looked good. :) I can see why some people would think that this was in poor taste as this is such a positive site in how it helps beginners with basics of makeup and how to come up with some amazing ideas. The people in the photos were not belittled or made inappropriate comments. It was just showing us that celebrities even on high pedestals that we put them are human and they do make mistakes.Myself I am a visual learner. So seeing these photos and knowing what Taryn was pointing out as an uh-oh will help me in future not to make the mistake. Keep up the great work Taryn. :)

I really liked this post, is something diferent from what we all used to see in Makeupgeek but I really liked this idea from Marlena and Taryn… We must to show Taryn our respect, because maybe in the near futureshe will bring to this blog even more exciting ideas !!!!


I just read this article and was like: “ohh I love it” and THEN I started reading all this hurtful comments about it and thought: “Man, people really need to chill”.
I think this article was very useful because it make me think of mistakes I have made with my make-up and mistakes I wouldn’t want to make.

Thank you guys for this article, and keep up the good work.
I absolutely love your website and I have learned so much from it.
Thanks again!

This article was great! I enjoyed the humor :) plus you can’t really argue that celebrities don’t ask for attention. Especially Paris; I doubt she cares if she gets negative attention, as long as it’s attention. I find it frustrating that people are getting so sensitive over this; it’d be nice if they could get some common sense and realize the article is light-hearted and non-offensive :D

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.!!!! Thanks MUG Crew for all your hard work. Great article, now i know what not to do lol!!! THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was shocked to read the reviews on this people need to step back and look at the big picture!!! Why do we try to look beautiful or what we brain washed to think is beautiful? Because this is what we see every day in movies in magazines in t.v. shows… this is what we are told we are suppose to look like! Every celeb that has those perfect cheek bones those full lips those captivating eyes… I think this article was made to make women see that these celebs are human just like us and no body is perfect, on top of that breath of fresh air it was informative on how to correct these problems if you are unsure how to create a flawless look like you are use to seeing these famous women. I love this website! I am a very busy mom and makeup artist I have had a hard time finding time to check up on the website but I am happy I had time to check in and stumble across this post because I hope I have made some women realize the uplifting boost of confidence this article was suppose to give to all women that feel like they should look like whatever celeb you look up to! xoxoxo marlena and taryn keep up the good work :)

interestingly enough; the Devil Wears Prada article has got a whole lot of people asking for a
“Don’ts” article in the comments. It seems that Taryn and Marlena are just giving the people what they want. I liked the article and got the aim of it and the sense of humour. Keep up the good work guys you are doing a great job. I love stopping in here to break the monotony of my stay at home mum to a toddler life. It’s given me lots of great tips that I probably would have felt too intimidated to ask many of the snooty sales assistants at my local department store.

Very true they did ask for the don’ts in that article and now they r crying after they get what they want>

Lighten up people.. I enjoyed this article, thought is was funny AND helpful. Nobody is being attacked (other than Taryn.. don’t listen girl!), maybe those celebs can learn from their mistakes now :) you never now they come across this! hihi!
Marlena, Taryn and all other MUG’s, just smile and have a great day! You’re doing a fabulous job!

Namaste ;)

I liked this article as well. Nice up close, clear photos to see the makeup mistakes. It’s nice to see celebs as “real” and that they sometimes don’t get it right like the rest of us. I would like to see another addition with other celebs from late teens to seniors, even news anchors and athletes.

Love the article! I know I don’t wanna get cought looking like that, now I have more knowledge and info on how to NOT look this way.. I did have the Brittney look to a certian extent before the primer :P You did an amazing job as always. Keep up the good work :)

LOVE this article! i learned alot, ive always wondered y celebrities eyes (especially dark skinned ones) look so light underneath… being dark skinned myself, i just thought I was wrong n thats the way you make ur eyes look brighter, but that couldnt be FARTHER from the truth! lol… and the matchy eyeshadow thing with whatever ur wearing that day, GUILTY! HAHA… i wont do that again, lol… THANK U TARYN AND MARLENA!!! oh, n by the way, LOVE MUG in general… u guys always have very helpful tips, im just getting into makeup and came across u guys almost by accident i saw the ruby red tutorial on youtube n have been hooked every since.

sn: have a sense of humor people!! SHEESH!

Taryn very good article! and I find that you said the truth in a very nice way. It is good to learn what not to do when you actually see the mistake, is easier to keep in mind the rules. Thank you very much!!! I enjoyed reading it! :)

You guys.. seriously give Taryn a break. I don’t see how she ever came out as rude/negative. Great job on the article! ;D

Love the celeb makeup bloopers! Fun lighthearted blog post. Keep doing a great job these are the fun things a girl in her early 30’s has come to love about makeupgeek.com!

Oh and this is no different than my glamour, Cosmo, instyle, or people celebrity styles magazines have in their issues

Fun article! Nice to see how the airbrushed and perfectly primped set do stumble from time to time and look just as human as we do! Thanks for posting this.

I just want to say seeing Britney’s picture deeply saddened me. Am not a huge fan of her but I like her a lot. Remembering how she was almost a decade ago (very fit and healthy looking and of course very pretty) and seeing this pic was…I don’t know…I guess money and fame can’t buy a person true happiness. I do wish her more success and happiness.

As for the comments about Taryn (just MY 2 cents), maybe it’s because her writing style is different from yours, Marlena. I guess, a bit blunt? (Taryn, please don’t be offended, I don’t really know you as a person so this isn’t a personal attack. Just an honest observation.) And most of all, maybe most readers like myself aren’t used to her writing style yet. Give it time. =)

Again, thanks for the article!

People just need to realize that Taryn has a different style than Marlena. This article was meant to help us to get better at doing our own makeup!!! And it does show that even celebrities don’t always look perfect. We all have our days when we look and feel fabulous, and those dreaded days when we don’t. Bottom line, as Marlena said, we are all human with thoughts and feelings. We are not always going to agree, but thanks to this site, our makeup will be GORGEOUS!!! I LOVE MAKEUP GEEK. Keep it coming ladies!!!

I have never seen so much back and forth about an article – I actually did not think that this was a critical article, but rather a kind reminder of some things to keep in check that even celebrities that have a makeup team forget!

Thank you both Taryn and Marlena for your creativity in putting together these articles (in terms of response from your followers – you win some and you lose some; moving on! :))


This is a great article. Not only did you point out some very common and easy to make mistakes but you also made recs on how to correct the mistake. Everyone can learn from constructive criticisms. Good Job MUG’s!

Somebody needs to buy a tampon.. Guys, honestly, if Marlena had posted this as a video, no one would be upset because it’s meant to be in a joking manor. I don’t really know what everyone has against Taryn and I don’t want to know. But come on guys calm your hormones for fifty seconds please !!

Love all you do Marlena! Taryn your doing a great job too! You can’t please everyone, but I’m lovin all of your insights and tutorials, and reviews! Thank you both for all your good work!

Jumping Jelly Beans… this discussion went south fast! Thanks for everything you, BOTH, do for all of us. I realize this is a business, but neither of you are doormats at foot of the door. GEEZ.

Taryn, thanks for your contributions. I think this article enlightened all of us and will raise everyone knowledge. So thank you for that!

wow people calm down.there was nothing wrong with this article and i don’t see how you can judge Taryn and call her rude if you don’t even know her…have you talked to her in person?? NO! so just chill out and look at this article as it was meant, not hurtful, but humorous.

But coming back to defend after each comment made her seem a little too paranoid about the whole thing and what others thought IMO.

No it didnt…If someone took something you said the wrong way you should straighten it out..Nothing wrong with that..If they wouldnt had said anything that would of been a problem too huh?

Great article to point out common make up mis-haps! Shoot looking back at pics of myself, I hvae even fallen victim of the “uh-ohs” posted…and to see that celebrities have fallen victim too just comes to show that no one can apply make up perfectly! That being said, I can totally see how people are taken back by this post. I’m not going to lie, I kind of am as well. It’s good how mistakes were pointed out, and then there was a way to solve the make up mis-hap. TRo me, and in my very own, very personal oppinion, the article seems to(at times) be poking fun at them and the problems….wether they are celebrities or not it is something very unexpected from the MakeupGeek community. In no way am I hating on the article at all! It’s def.something different, and like I said unexpected…we gotta embrace a little change every now and then….wether you like the change or not! <3

soooooo funny!!!! these pics made me crack up. (been there, done that!) great job, marlena and taryn. thanks for the “fix-it” make up tips. very appreciated!!

The fixes are really helpful! Plus I find it somewhat comforting as sort of a newb at makeup to see that sometimes even celebrities and/or their mua’s flub the look a bit (or a lot — haha I am not sure how Kim Kardashian looked in the mirror and thought that weird matchy eyeliner with pasty neutrals everywhere else looked good!)

It makes me feel a LOT better about how I look when I put down the makeup brush, sigh and hope for the best because I’ve run out of time trying to get things perfect :)

I think this article was a refreshing change for MUG, actually. I think this article was honest and meant with good intentions, which were tastefully communicated. Sometimes, you don’t realize the mistake you’re making with your own makeup until you see how it looks on someone else. This was an excellent learning tool.

I love this website. I do appreciate the positive attitude, and I think this is a safe place for people who are just starting out or who are nervous about their skills. I feel, though, that sometimes, the tone here is almost *too* careful. I, personally, am very hesitant to give constructive criticism in the forums for fear of being labeled rude.

We don’t learn anything from avoiding an issue or having sunshine blown up our butts. That’s how all of those poor kids end up on the American Idol auditions thinking that they are awesome and then being crushed when a perfect stranger tells them they sound like a cat being stabbed on national television.

I think I’m a lot like Taryn in my communication style. There’s a lot lost in type and when you’re being direct or honest, it can come off as rude, even though that’s not the intention. Really, though, how would you expect her to respond to the critical posts? At some point, the defensiveness is going to seep through, no matter how hard you try to hide it.

Hahaha is all i can say people r totaly over reacting… Im getin more of a laugh from some of the silly comments then the axtual artical… Tanx a mill Taryn and Marlena for lightening my day and highlighting MAKEUP errors commonly made. It was obvious you wernt attacking people personaly

I really liked this article. I found it to be light hearted but also interesting because these are a few mistakes that i am always afraid that I will fall victim to. It is a helpful reminder to keep my eye for these kinds of mistakes with myself and also female friends and family members! So, Thank you Marlena and Taryn! Great job!

Nobody in this world is perfect regardless of who you are. These are perfect examples that show that everybody makes mistakes even celebrities who think they got it all but its so no true.

thanks for posting this..shows us what mistakes not to make.. and thanks for the suggestions of what we can use to correct those mistakes.

I think this article was fantastic. It’s proof that the people who are famous for reasons I don’t understand, that are put on pedestals for no reason, aren’t perfect. I feel better.

After reading the article and reading some of the first comments made I was SOOOOOOO glad to see that about halfway down the page people started coming to their senses. I really don’t understand where all this Taryn hate is coming from, and it seems like the comments on every single thing that gets posted on the mainpage anymore ends up turning into a “TARYN IS SO MEEEEAAAAN” baw fest. I have read all the posts people claim she made that sounded mean and really…if you are taking offense to the things she says I think you might be a bit too sensitive. Just because someone doesn’t sugar coat every word they say that doesn’t mean that they are rude or mean. It just means they are being direct and to the point, a quality which many people actually appreciate. And as for the people who claim that this article is too mean and that they come here to learn, well…I I know it’s not always easy to hear but hearing criticism is an integral part of learning and cultivating your skills! I didn’t even find anything they said about any of the celebrities particularly mean…maybe I just have a bit thicker of a skin than most. But I’ve rambled on long enough. Marlena has carried the brunt of this website by herself for a long time, and I for one am glad that she is expanding her team and bringing more talented individuals on staff. Getting advice from a diverse group of experts is what will truly help us all grow as makeup geeks. So please!!! Let’s all try to toughen up a little bit, learn to appreciate different people and their different styles and personalities, and make this a constructive learning place again! Taryn, Marlena, and all the staff at Makeupgeek: You guys rock! Keep doing what you’re doing, things will get easier! <3

why are people so anal about everything now? i mean really. lets all chill. GREAT article Taryn !! i loved it !! keep doing what youre doing girl !

People…it’s not that serious. Take it for what its worth. It’s not a bash-fest. CALLLLMMM DOWWNNNN….Breathe!

I really enjoyed this article. I think it’s an entertaining way of showing what we can avoid with makeup application. I can see myself in many of these pictures-some days needing a mattifyer, or where to avoid the bronzer. It just helps to have a vizual.

Hi. I just wanted to say I loved this article & Taryn I don’t know where people can come off saying your rude and what not . I think its refreshing to see that your honest and not fake.

All I have to say is……. seriously? People take this posting stuff way to serious and turn simple things into stupid drama! Come on people, Live your Life and don’t be so uptight about everything. Make Up Geek is a wonderful website and if you don’t like it…..MOVE ON!!!

Gosh, I’m a makeupgeek and I love those celebs! I’m one of the biggest beauty freaks at my school (I don’t go to Marinello but I want to), really. I wish a had the 180 palette so bad! I want primer because I don’t have one but I don’t know which one to buy! I really like stories so I made up one about a makeup geek (or also known as a beauty freak) named, Kathleen who enters a beauty contest. Marlena, I hope you go onto it! I’d love it if other MUGs go there, too! One of my pages on my site is called, Videos. I love MakeupGeek so mcuh that I put some of her vids there. If you’re a Beauty Guru YouTuber like Marlena, then tell me by email (marybelle@inbox.com) or tell me on my site.
MY BEAUTY SITE: mirabellepagenatgirl.webs.com
Peace out, Mirabelle

Wow.. This really surprise me, but it’s true they don’t have a make up artist 24\7 with them !! So we should be proud that at least we know how to do are make up better !! By our selfs !!

Is the Catherine Zeta Jones one even REAL??? I mean, WHAT IS THAT? It goes across her nose and upper lip!

I thought that one was hilarious!! When I saw I was like ” No way, seriously?” It looks like she got to close to a pile of cinnamon!

Aww, i love the Rihanna highlighted look!! I thought this was in, i see kim kardashian use the same trick all the time. It looks good in most photos.

I just discovered this sight within the past couple of months. While I understand the joking nature of the article (it is funny) I do have to agree that this isn’t what I come to makeupgeek.com to read. I think that while you should occasionally push the envelope to keep things interesting, you shouldn’t change up what works so quickly. I love makeupgeek.com, I have even recommended it to my step daughter who is just starting out applying makeup. I hope I can continue to feel confident that I made the right decision in steering her to this site. I really hope the negativity stays away.

Hey Taryn and Marlena! This was a fantabulous article. Love you girls. I’m in my twenties but still feel like a teen learning makeup all over again. Thanks for all that you do on this site. I’m always on here checking out whats new. Keep it up ladies :)

Your site and tutorials rock. Celebs, dead or alive, are fair game to be picked on. If you dont feel the same way please keep your opinion to yourself and dont ruin it for the rest of us.

Heya Marlena and Taryn,

I freaking loved these pictures!!! Most celebs almost always look perfect making us feel imperfect so its nice to see some “ooopsies” with make-up! I personally love the celeb pictures with no make-up!!! I know what I look like without make-up and it warms my heart to see others in the same fashion! Being in the public eye comes with the profession and ya gotta take the bad for the good…..or is it good for the bad? lol

I think this thread has lost its focus… which is to educate us of the no-no’s and how to fix the no-no’s in the process. Which is why we come to this site in the first place!!!

Thank you Marlena and her staff for helping us get those celebrity professional results without paying one single cent!!!

You Marlena are a genuine beautiful person both on the outside and inside as well!!

You Girlies Rock!!!! WooT WooT

Take Care

It’s nice to be reminded that people who always look amazing, are just real people too. Everyone makes make up mistakes, very grounding article :)
thanks I ruv you guys!

This just shows that not only we normal day to day people make makeup mistakes..Even the, Perfect, rich, famous celebrities do no-no’s too lol…I like picking fun, if there’s more pics I sure would like to see :-)

I thought this article was great,it takes of the pressure of believing these stars look great all the time..nope they are human too and make mistakes..I for one am a HUGE Kim Kardashian fan and I think she is gorgeous and even she has her days as we all do

I really like this article. Not everyone’s perfect & even i know i have made PLENTY of makeup mistakes to go around. It’ not as if MUG was picking on facial features or attacking ayone. It was humorous (I found catherine zeda jone’s the most lol) & also something to think about when you’re getting ready for the day! thanks MUG I love the article!

O my God!! Britney Spears just keeps looking uglier and uglier!! I mean the other celebrities looked funny with their make up mistakes but still looked pretty….but Britney….???

I realize that my comment might be redundant at this point, but I feel the need to support everyone who does not like the changes being made to the site, this article in particular.

Maybe I took the ‘geek’ part of the name a bit too literally, but I always associated this website with being more down to earth, fun, and generally easy-going. This article looks like something I’d see in a celebrity gossip magazine. I find it kind of trashy, to be honest. It feels like it is trying to cater to a very different audience than before; some kind of catty, bitchy stereotype of women that I have never had much patience for. Something that would appeal to the lowest common denominator. This may bring in more readers, but the spirit of the site that was beloved to many will be lost.

What I liked about this site was that it was fun, friendly, and focused purely on the love of makeup. I felt this website took makeup seriously as a hobby and art-form, which I appreciated because a lot of people don’t. Now, with this bullshit, it just makes it look ‘shallow’, which is the common stereotype. It’s sad to see it perpetuated here.

I realize it is not supposed to be serious, but that isn’t what I come here for. I hope you understand. Thank you.

Seriously????? YOU sound like the lowest common denominator….this article is simply to show the kinds of makeup mistakes people make on a daily basis…the use of celebrities is NOT shallow…a large part of their job is to look good and EVen they make these mistakes….in NO way do those who run MUG look like they are trying to appeal to a different audience…the only audience is ANYONE who has a passion for makeup….the importance of this article is the fact that everyone makes a mistake and how to correct it….If this isn’t SERIOUS enough for you then look for your makeup advise and tips somewhere else…and take your negativity with you!

Marlena..Taryn….you girls are amazing and incredibly talented…I think i speak for the many MUGs who visit your site…THANK you for you dedication and time to something that you obviously do out of passion….THIS is a FREE service you provide and no one has the right to be insulting your work.!!!! IF they have a problem they should simply not come to this website…after all u will always have plenty of MUG fans!!!!!!!!!=)

I love this article! Especially because I have done these two mistakes: the bronzer misplacement and the matchy eyes with the outfit… I didn’t realize that was why the pics of me were not flattering! :( thanks so much for your insight, and unless celebrities which can afford to get tips and great products, you always gives us ways to create the look using cheaper products and the most important: advise and tips For FREE… So stop hateing people, thank you so much MUG!!!!!

Celebs are humans. The article was supposed to be a brief showing of how beautiful admired celebs with high profile careers make mistakes because we are all human.

I think these articles are great. It shows that nobody is perfect, including celebs. I know that I can learn from looking back at my own makeup mistakes from when I was younger and didn’t know what I was doing!

I am actually an aspiring make-up artist/ fashion designer. I am currently in beauty school, but I would LOVE to focus more of my energy on makeup (I have a natural flare for it, I think) So, I just wanted to let you know that I really enjoy what you do and hopefully I can learn some great tricks for future clients/shows!!!

Thank you!


Don’t worry about all the “stuffy” comments, it seems like some people don’t have a sense of humor or any faults of their own :)

all of these celebs look like shit . Did they do there make-up themesleves or did they higher a professional make-up artist.

Taryn, this is the first day I’ve learned about you joining this website! That’s awesome! (Sadly my schedule was horribly overloaded the past several months and I had to quit my makeup studies, including browsing this amazing site, for a while) =( First of all, hope you are doing well and staying strong and still enjoying the wonderful opportunity of being a part of this amazing website! I also wanted to say that I read through some of these comments left here, and noticed how you were having to defend yourself against people saying you sounded “rude”. I just wanted to tell you a little trick that might help you out in your writing: adjectives, smiley faces, exclamation points, and extra kindness make all the difference! For example, below are two comments you left that got criticized:

1) None of the photos have been photoshopped. That would be ridiculous.
2) There was nothing negative about this article. I’m sorry thats how you feel but it was honestly just to say we are all human and we all make mistakes regardless of who you are

From the tone of your responses I would assume you are a teenager or young adult. Not sure if that’s correct, but the quick defensiveness and slight “attitude” of the responses (that I at least perceived) point in that direction. Not saying this is a bad thing at all, but perhaps when you respond that way to people who put negative comments, it only gives them fuel to criticize you more. Here’s a slightly altered way to say the above comments that might be more effective:

1) Your response brings up a cool point Shweta! I think maybe our eyes are SO used to seeing perfectly photoshopped celebrities, that when they aren’t airbrushed or enhanced we don’t believe it could be true! Crazy huh? =)
2) Aw Mrs. DePriest! =( I would never want any fellow MUG fans out there to get the impression that we would wrongly criticize or poke fun at other people! I’m so sorry! That is definitely not what we’re about, and it was certainly not our intent. Hopefully this article helped you realize some common mistakes that many women, even the most wealthy and famous, make when applying makeup! But how do you feel this article could be changed into a more positive light? We are always open to hearing suggestions! =) Thanks so much!

Taryn, please know that I’m not trying to tell you to “not be yourself”, but any job where you’re communicating with a very large number of people throughout the day sometimes requires a smile and an apology and extra kindness even when you think it’s completely unnecessary or goes against your natural impulse. I guarantee that making an effort to show extra, extra kindness and respect for posters (since, as you said, it is very hard to show correct emotions in writing) would make all the difference! It could also avoid you getting the same negative comments repeatedly. One longer, kind response to the first negative comment could avoid more being posted! I really hope this helps!! But that’s just my two cents! =) I know you don’t know me from Adam, so you can take it and throw it out the window if you’d like ;) But thank you so much for all that you’ve contributed to this incredible site!!

You know Abby, you’ve given some really good points here, I just have to ask, are you by any chance a psychologist or something? Or maybe like some sort of PR person. It’s like you’ve diagnosed Taryn here with some sort of personality disorder and given her ‘professional’ advice. So cool.

Gosh. You wouldn’t know whether I’m being sarcastic or actually meaningful here! I think I’d better add some smileys and flowery, sugar-coated language here.

Please, do not make me roll my eyes. Oh god, I just did. And again. Just there- again!

Ok now I think I’ll try and get my point across to you.
The other gals who commented actually said what they meant and felt but after reading your comment I don’t know what to floopin’ make of it. :S

Yeah, it’s quite obvious that you thought Taryn was being a rude teenager or ‘young adult’ (again, I’m rolling my eyes, ageist muchy?) which is why you gave her all this ‘advice’ on how to be nice to people. You’re a really nice person, you know.

I mean , very publicly you list all of Taryns faults and then ‘advise’ her on how to become a better person.

The best advice is the advice given in private, not publicly.

but hey, atleast it’s good to know that you act on your own advice before handing it out to others- you’re post was all flowery and sugar sugar sweet sweet, but I just couldn’t help but noticing the underlying message…which was the same as a few other peoples but they just came right out and said.

I appreciate people being direct and to the point. I appreciate Taryn being direct and to the point.

This whole thing started with the article in the first place- which I thought was absolutely great. This site is known for giving personal opinions on products. They don’t advertise on behalf of any products. So, i don’t see the problem with a MUG giving their ‘opinion’ on anything make-up related. If people are so darned sensitive to people expressing their own opinions then buzz off this site in general.

Writing is about expressing yourself, not pleasing others.

Anyways Abby, please if you have time, diagnose me with a personality disorder and then please, only if you have the time, give me advice on how to become a better person. I love the way you speak and I wish wish wish I knew how to sugar-coat all my thoughts and feelings. Pretty please.

Am I being sarastic or not? Am I rolling my eyes or not? Am I sugar-coating my words or not?


P.S Taryn is obviously not an 80 year old woman , so good observation- “I would assume you are a teenager or young adult. Not sure if that’s correct, but the quick defensiveness and slight “attitude” of the responses (that I at least perceived) point in that direction. Not saying this is a bad thing at all…”

I just wanna say- I’ve seen and heard people in their mid-thirties, late twenties etc. with attitudes and the whole defensiveness thing going.

Oh but you’re right, you’re not saying it’s a bad thing at all. Oh no no, you most probably just mean that you think it is a bad thing but you’ll just sweeten it up. It’s kinda fake, in my opinion.

>>Taryn, keep up everything, you’re doing absolutely great. Many jealous people out there. Express your feelings, just like you have been doing. And take advice from others but act on it only if you think what you did was wrong.

Which you weren’t. <<

Awesome article! Wow, I didn’t even recognize JLO. That must mean…..she’s a vampire! Dun, dun, duuunnn!!! I mean, if that’s what she was going for, then who are we to judge? Lol!

Love this website! You guys rock!

Holy f ladies…newbie to the site here but I have never seen so much drama jam packed into the past 5 minutes! Shame shame.

Anyways I took it as funny but yet educational.
Props to Taryn and Marlena for being able to see where they messed up and fixed their post. (Tammy Faye) But also being able to stand their ground and not erase this post all together!

hi malena i had folow ur step in the make up love make up for everyday haha , this photo of kim kds haha she look nasty sick and she has a make up artist very famous haha what happend with him did hse fired him , and got the wrong updidedowns rule ……… HUM ? blue underline at leat she would it had done blue smokey ey at least cuz this just look nasty

That was completely uncalled for. If you want to speak like that this is not a place for you. Marlena you were always beautiful.