How To Depot Your MAC Eyeshadows


What you’ll need:

  • Pairing Knife
  • 1″ Hole Punch    (Amazon)
  • Magnetic Sheet or Roll   (Amazon)
  • Wax or Parchment Paper
  • Flat Iron   (Amazon)
    • My favorite flat iron that I use on my hair is the FHI one- it gets really hot but glides easily on my hair :)
  • Palette to put eyeshadow in    (Makeup Geek Store)
    • *I really like the Z Palettes as they are see through on the top so you can view all your colors!  Plus they hold 28 eyeshadows!
Step 1:  Pop out inner pan from the eyeshadow case
Step 2:  Place inner pan on flat iron to soften the plastic
Step 3:  Poke metal eyeshadow pan to remove from plastic case
Step 4:  Punch 1″ circle from magnetic sheet and attach to back of eyeshadow pan
Step 5:  Write or type eyeshadow name on 3/4″ round label and attach to magnet
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I actually wouldn’t recommend using wax paper, the wax melts and can leave wax residue on your flat iron-so the next time you use it that wax gets transferred onto your hair. Parchment paper you run the risk of actually catching it on fire as it is paper…I use aluminum foil personally. :)

hey ii have a question. I always get smudge underneath my eyes no matter how i tried to get rid of it. I am using loreal carbon mascara and its waterproof. The eyeliner im using is bobby brown gel liner and honnestly i dont know which one does make smudge under my eyes. Can somebody tell my the best way to get rid of this please? Thank you so much :)

You can also try putting some eyeshadow primer under your lower lash line.. I had the same problem and once I started putting just a bit of eye shadow primer(urban decay eyeshadow primer to be exact) on it got rid of that problem instantly…

i should combine both the way but i think maybe i have a dropped eyes so it may cause smudge. But thank you you guys very much :) wish all of you always be pretty!!

I have very oily skin, and my daily routine is exactly what Steph and Julia suggested. I’ve been doing this for about 2 yrs or so, and no problem with smudging (unless I forget!).

Hey guys, i did exactly what Steph and Julia told me, put eyeshadow and powder, and urban decay eyesprimer underneath, but i still catch smudge, and i think after everytime laughing! but i notice it wasnt worse as much as the last time i have nothing. I think your ways work then, but i still got a little smudging :(

It’s the loreal voluminous! Trust me, I used to get this weird line smudge under my eyes… I always switched up my liner, but kept the mascara the same. It’s the culprit!!! When I found out about about loreals animal testing I immediately switched to tarte lights camera lashes and haven’t had any problems since but everybody is different so just play around with different brands! I heard illamasquas “masquara” in the color raven is awesome. Hope that helps!!! ;)

Thank you for the information. I understand now and will share this with my niece. Smart, talented and beautiful.

why does it look so easy for you to open your Z-Palette? i find mine so difficult to open… does anyone else or is it just me, lol!

Gin: I have. I found a few tutorials on how to do it using heat but honestly, its really difficult to remove. But if you use alchohol and let it soak for a while you can just pop them out with a pairing knife.

Would love a tutorial on your look in this video. This is a smokin’ hot look but not so dark – I love it!

i depoted a lot of my eyeshadows and the MAC store didnt take my empty containers so…Is it different in all MAC stores or do they jst not take them anymore

Sometimes they won’t take them because they don’t have the little metal pot. You can order some off of ebay, just press them into the empty container and they usually stick with the residual glue.
It really depends on the actual person though…sometimes I go to trade and they check to see that they’re fully intact, sometimes they take the bag without even really looking or counting them.

Using your same method, you can actually get the original lable off the pot….and the adhesive stays so you can re-stick it. Just place the whole pot on the hot iron for a minute and the glue will soften. The lable will slide right off. Try not to wrinkle it, and VOILA!!

Hope that helps too!!

great money saving idea ;D – thanks

I don’t mean to sound rude or offensive its out of experience (maybe I’m wrong). You look glowly’ pregnant if not your skin looks so glowing xx

Can anyone recommend a brand of 1″ hole punch that will cut through the magnetic tape? The one I bought at Michaels wasn’t thick enough for the tape to slide in. The one Marlena used looked like the tape slid in so easily. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!!!!!!

I love this video and plan to depot all my mac shadows. With that magnet on the bottom does anyone know if it will fit flush in the mac pro palette

hi Alissa, i had the same problem. Which made me think that perhaps the magnetic tape i was using is too thick, have you figured out which brand names we should be using? Thanks

I bought magnetic circles on Amazon that are 20mm in size so perfect for this and I didnt have to worry about punching magnetic tape.

Hey! I have the sephora block buster palette that broke in half.. So I can’t fold it up and take it on the go anymore :( I recently found this website and discovered that you can depot eye shadows and use a z palette. So I want to take my makeup out of my sephora case and put it in a z palette BUT I’m having a really difficult time depoting it. I’ve only tried 2 so far and both have resulted in broken eye shadow. I know it can come out because when my case broke in half one of the eye shadows popped out. I don’t think I can use a flat iron because the plastic is very thick. What should I do???

love this video. i was wondering if you could get loose eyeshadow and put it in a pot by using the whole alcohol process?

I just depotted a whole bunch of my Mac shadows using your technique and they worked perfectly, thank you so much. This’ll make life so much easier when I go away for a few days so I don’t have to pack a whole lot of pots, I can just choose the colours I want to take and put them in my small Z-Palette.